This year may be packed to the rafters with PlayStation 3 re-releases, but the PlayStation 4 won’t merely play host to old games forever. Speaking with EDGE magazine, The Last of Us’ creative director Neil Druckmann has confirmed that first-party developer Naughty Dog is currently working on “two brand new experiences” – presumably for Sony’s next-gen machine.

“I think that if there was nothing but remakes, that would be pretty sad for the [PS4],” he explained. “Just like any system out there, any medium, it’s going to be a mixture. We’re working on [The Last of Us Remastered], but at the same time we’re working on two other brand new experiences. When Blu-ray came out, the first thing [that you did was] buy all of these re-releases of movies that you loved, and then you see Gravity and you can’t wait to see it on your Blu-ray.”

We assume that Uncharted PS4 is one of the new titles that Druckmann is referring to, but this snippet confirms that the Californian company is still a multi-team developer – despite all of the recent high-profile departures. What would you like the Crash Bandicoot creator to work on next? Spin around in a circle via the comments section below.