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The Last of Us Maker Working on Two New Experiences for PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

What are they?

This year may be packed to the rafters with PlayStation 3 re-releases, but the PlayStation 4 won’t merely play host to old games forever. Speaking with EDGE magazine, The Last of Us’ creative director Neil Druckmann has confirmed that first-party developer Naughty Dog is currently working on “two brand new experiences” – presumably for Sony’s next-gen machine.

“I think that if there was nothing but remakes, that would be pretty sad for the [PS4],” he explained. “Just like any system out there, any medium, it’s going to be a mixture. We’re working on [The Last of Us Remastered], but at the same time we’re working on two other brand new experiences. When Blu-ray came out, the first thing [that you did was] buy all of these re-releases of movies that you loved, and then you see Gravity and you can’t wait to see it on your Blu-ray.”

We assume that Uncharted PS4 is one of the new titles that Druckmann is referring to, but this snippet confirms that the Californian company is still a multi-team developer – despite all of the recent high-profile departures. What would you like the Crash Bandicoot creator to work on next? Spin around in a circle via the comments section below.


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get2sammyb said:

@RawWilson1 While very possible, I think he means that they're 'original' to the console — i.e. they're not remakes. You could be right, though.



WCamicase said:

I would actually love a new Jak, or if I was to dream a bit, a new Crash. I think Sony should get the rights and while at it get Spyro's as well



Scollurio said:

My bet is on Uncharted 4 (obviously) and some "The Last of Us" spinoff. Different characters, no direct sequel but in the same universe. I don't think (but would welcome it) it's two totally new IPs. I think Uncharted 4 is a given as they already teased it and "The Last of Us" is too much of a gem riding it's own popularity wave at the moment as to let it rot in the cupboard, also that "survival zombie" thing is still en vogue so I could see something like H1Z1 from Sony (even though it would be dumb to basicly make the same game just with a "The Last of Us" spin). Still. I got my gut-feeling.

Hopefully we get at least some teaser at E3!



Davros79 said:

I think it will be uncharted 4 plus another established franchised ps4 game. I think its a bit abit ambitious to assume they are working on uncharted 4 plus ANOTHER 2 new ip's!!!!! They already had alot of the artwork done showing a new Jak n daxter game last year, so i think UC4 and Jak n daxter are the most likely.



GrafUlrich88 said:

I have to say, Naughty Dog is the best 1st party studio currently. Sony has many great studios and the rumor is they might be acquiring a few more this year or next year. I hope ND announces a June or July release for TLOU Remastered Edition.





Gamer83 said:

Naughty Dog's best work is always on a new IP so hopefully that's the case here. If it's another The Last of Us game, that's fine too but I was satisfied with how the original ended so new characters and a new story in that universe would be what I'd want rather than a sequel.



Davros79 said:

@Punished_Boss haha. I seriously think ND will be just as strong as ever. It seems like Neil Druckmann is the main man now, and thats fine by me!! Afterall he was Lead on the TLOU and and also Lead on uncharted 2. Im delighted hes back in charge for uncharted 4, because uncharted 2 was a FAR superior game than uncharted 3 IMO. The lead game designers on uncharted 3 were richard lermarchand, and robert cogburn. Am i alone in thinking UC2 was much better than UC3?



Punished_Boss_84 said:

@Davros79 My thoughts exactly, Uncharted 2 for me hasn't been topped unless we include TLOU, which more or less matched U2. Not that U3 was bad, it just didn't hit the bar U2 set.



BL_Donth said:

Uncharted 4 has to be one of them. It's unlikely that the other one is TLOU-related but it doesn't hurt to dream

Here's hoping for more info at E3.



ComicBookGuy said:

@SimonAdebisi after seeing what MediaMolecule could do on the Vita, with the fantastic Tearaway, I would love to see what ND could come up with.
Unfortunately, I think you and I are alone in wishing for this...



banacheck said:

It's Uncharted4 obviously and something else, i don't think you'll be seeing TLOU2 anytime soon.



sinalefa said:

If anyone is going to make me get a PS4, it is ND. So I am eager to see their games. Knowing them, it is gonna take a while, but I don't mind, since they always excel.


I agree. U3 is my least favorite of the trilogy. Best part for me was young Sully. Which makes me think on how awesome would be to have an Uncharted where you canonically play as him.

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