Batten down the hatches, fire up the rumour mill, and prepare your bodies, as Sony's finally laid out its plans for E3 2014. That's right, the Japanese giant has announced that its pre-conference presser will be taking place on Monday, 9th June at 18:00PM PT (21:00PM ET/02:00AM BST) in the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena.

There have been some pretty crazy rumours about the event circulating the Internet recently, so it's nice that we finally have something genuinely concrete to say about it. Unfortunately, all that we know is the date. However, we think that it's pretty obvious that we can look forward to dazzling reveals, stunning trailers, and absurdly awkward stage demos. The Last Guardian would be nice as well.

If you're hungry for some more juicy speculation, though, never fear, as we'll be sharing our outlandish predictions for the presser in the weeks to come. In the meantime, let us know some of your E3 hopes in the comments section below.