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Soul Sacrifice Delta Will Make an Honourable Sorcerer Out of You Next Month

Posted by Sammy Barker

Fate brings us back together

The re-release of Sony’s twisted demon slayer Soul Sacrifice Delta will coerce you into some complicated decisions next month, as the platform holder has attached a Western deploy date to the overhauled adventure. North American sorcerers can look forward to turning Librom’s dark pages from 13th May, while European mages will have to wait until 14th May to join the fight against Magusar.

In addition to countless graphical and visual improvements, the biggest tweak to the ultimate edition is an entire new faction in the form of Grim, a sort of neutral alliance that serves to complement the bloodthirsty Avalon and saintly Sanctuary. Of course, this isn’t the only noteworthy arrival, with tons of new Archfiends added to the mix. Many of these are inspired by famous fairytales, with Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White all joining the fight.

Those of you that are new to the franchise will find an improved iteration of the core campaign, while the rest of you will be able to import your progress from the original. And if you’re still not convinced that this title’s for you, we have a sneaking suspicion that the exceptional trailer embedded below will change your mind.


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AVahne said:

Ugh, I just got my Vita two months. I had preordered the original to get the free DLC packs, but only got my Vita recently to play it. It's tempting to upgrade, but for me it's way too soon.

EDIT: does anyone know if the paid DLC from the original will work on Delta?



AVahne said:

Oh, the data transfer option. I thought that Japan got a special discount for buying Delta.
I'm pretty sure the data transfer will make it to the localized version; it's part of the game after all. I don't see Sony going through the trouble of removing that option, especially since the original game was released here.

EDIT: Just saw your edit....we NEED that upgrade option. Does it only apply for the digital version though?



Punished_Boss_84 said:

@AVahne No wait i was actually right.

"About the promotion, someone on NeoGAF posted that the image explains that non-PS+ Soul Sacrifice owners can get Delta for 1000 Yen while PS+ users can get it for free." You can upgrade your digital version to get a digital copy of Delta. What i did not know about was the PS Plus deal. Source:

In other words this is a digital only deal.



AVahne said:

Hm, I don't have PS+ so I wouldn't be able to get the game anyway, but yeah...still disappointed that this is a digital-only deal. Hope it still makes it over so those with digital copies can get Delta for cheap.
I think I'll just wait for Soul Sacrifice 2 if that ever gets created.



Jazzer94 said:

Wish I could get into Soul Sacrifice like I do MH but I just never seemed to just didn't feel as epic not sure if I should give it another go with Delta or just wait for MH4U on 3DS.



artemisthemp said:

So happy that Soul Sacrifice Delta will be coming to EU in May
Now I just have to decided if, I gonna do a full play through of all 3 Factions or only one of them



bbq_boy said:

Hey Sony ever wonder why this game isn't selling bucket loads like monster hunter? Stop with all the demon, occult and gore stuff. Sick of it. Loads of my gaming mates like the idea of co-op and taking down monsters, aliens, demons etc but just turned off by the occult demonic themes. Can you actually produce a game where the characters are good hero's for a change? You'd be surprised as your next mh style game could quadruple in sakes figures. Anyway hope freedom wars is less occult or demon like.



JaxonH said:


A legitimate gripe. I'm not big on the demonic/occult themes myself. And probably one of the reasons I couldn't get into this game like Monster Hunter> same goes for Toukiden, but to a lesser extent. Everything's about "fighting demons" nowadays.



InsertNameHere said:

@bbq_boy The game didn't sell "bucket loads" because MH is essentially the CoD of monster hunting games. Basically, it has a large fanbase, but that fanbase has all but convinced themselves that MH is the only game of its kind.

And Sony has many games with good heroes, but most people would rather play as an anti-hero than a hero.



Bliquid said:

@bbq_boy : i won't debate about personal preferences, but SS has an astonishing lore as well as a groundbreaking artistic direction.
It's definitely not your average demon/monster game.
Also, though it is in the same genre of MH, it plays very differently, thus it has its own identity gameplay-wise as well.
That said, i can understand how you feel generally speaking.
@ AVahne: there was no paid DLC for SS.



BertoFlyingFox said:

Will this one release for NA in physical form? I never even played much of the original SS, it kinda got lost in the backlog so trading it in for Delta doesnt sound like a bad idea.

I've yet to try Toukiden as well.



KnightOfNothing said:

@Bliquid @bbq_boy I have to agree. After playing MH3U for a couple of months, I decided to try Soul Sacrifice. It was amazing in quality and story. And the demon thing is a personal gripe which I can understand, but gameplay wise, Soul Sacrifice is probably one of the most unique hunting games when to the gameplay of MH.



ObviouslyAdachi said:

May 13th? That's the exact same day as Borderlands 2 Vita. May 13th is going to be a good day for me. I can already tell.

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