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Soul Sacrifice Delta (PlayStation Vita)

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Soul Sacrifice Delta is is the ultimate edition of Soul Sacrifice where every decision has consequential results. The action RPG that pits you against an evil sorcerer returns with a slew of new features including improvements to gameplay, graphics, new levels, characters and spells. Grim, the faction who believes in neutrality in all things, joins the blood thirsty Avalon and the merciful Sanctuary, and adds a third angle to bring the Delta in Soul Sacrifice.

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Posted by Edwin Garcia

Grimm not grim

Soul Sacrifice Delta aims to tempt bookworms back to the brutal pages of Librom – the sarcastic yet helpful novella that just so happens to provide a portal into the world of sorcerers. Initially pitched as one of the PlayStation Vita’s saviours,...

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Volmun said:

Awsome game and its good theres a data trancefer that actualy changes the entro vs Liviathan

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