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You Won't Earn a Platinum for Returning to PlayStation Home

Posted by Sammy Barker

May still be worth the trip, though

Some may argue that you deserve a Platinum Trophy for sitting through PlayStation Home’s protracted patching procedure, but the virtual world will sadly lack the most prestigious of pots. As previously teased, a brand new update for Sony’s online service has deployed today, and it includes 13 tasty trinkets for your avatar to unlock.

In truth, these are some of the easiest awards that you’ll ever earn, as you’ll merely need to log in to the service to grab your first gong. Unsurprisingly, performing dance moves and visiting your Harbour Studio apartment will bag you a few more Bronze badges, while dropping into 20 different spaces will net you another.

The most difficult distinction will honour you for logging in to the service on 50 different days, which is going to require some serious mental fortitude. Do you think that you’ve got the patience to sit through the online platform’s prolonged loading screens for almost two months? Demonstrate your record breaking endurance levels in the comments section below.


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Splat said:

"The most difficult distinction will honour you for logging in to the service on 50 different days."




fchinaski said:

Maybe its silly, but I fell tempted to at least give it a go now. I have never tried it, but on the other hand I have nothing against a few easy trophies



Carl-G said:

Every time they add a New space from now on they should give you a new Trophy to go for to(+ SONY bring PS HOME to the PS4?) Not sure about the 50 day log in 1 tho, i should visit every day to just feed my Kitten i bought ages ago(poor thing must be hungry by now)



get2sammyb said:

@fchinaski I've just been back. There's definitely lots to do now, but it's all plagued by the poor loading times. They've made it faster, but it's still nowhere near fast enough. I think it would be much slicker on PS4, but it looks like they have no plans to port it.



3Above said:

Im a bit pissed cause Ive been using Home since closed beta in 2008 and I kinda feel iv earned the right to all these trophies long long LONG ago. I dont want to be bothered doing this now like its the 1st time im logging into Home.



Splat said:

@3Above and @fchinaski - I can confirm that anything you did in the pasted will still count towards the trophies. I logged in to Home today for the first time in months and 5 trophies popped before I did anything.



rjejr said:

Missed this Wed. I thought this patch was still a ways out. Oh well, gotta go check it out, don't think I've been in Home in over a year.



rjejr said:

Checked out Home, got my 5 trophies, enjoyed walking around Green Acorn Meadows or whatever. Built a city in Tycoon but then watched it burn as the fire engine kept glitching me out of the truck. Couldn't find the carnival so I'm guesisng my tickets are gone. Or several other places Iused to frequent so I'm guesing their gone as well.

Oh well, maybe in anther year I'll go check iou t1 or etime before they turn it off.

Oh, my chamber apartment was still there and decorated, so that was nice.

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