PlayStation Home

When former PlayStation executive Phil Harrison revealed PlayStation Home at GDC many moons ago, one of the big features announced was a virtual Trophy cabinet that would allow you to inspect your dusty digital trinkets in a three-dimensional hallway. Much like many of the platform holder’s promises at the time, it never happened – but the firm is still eager for you to use the virtual world all the same.

A brand new update due out imminently in Europe and North America will apparently add Trophies to the title, finally giving you an excuse to do the running man next to a female avatar without feeling like a total creep. In truth, it’s not yet clear what this set of virtual rewards will require you to do, but all will apparently be revealed in the morning. We’re never lining up in that online bowling alley again, so Sony can forget it if that’s needed for the Platinum.

Since it was redesigned a couple of years back, it’s actually been a while since PlayStation Home received any meaningful tweaks. While this is sure to drive some traffic back to the service, though, we’re curious what the company's long-term plans are for the online world. There’s no word on it making its way to the PlayStation 4, for starters, and while there’ s still a dedicated fanbase that uses the interactive hangout, we can’t imagine that it has a whole lot of life left in it now.

Will you be donning your best digital gear and jumping back into the Japanese giant’s quaint virtual hub, or will it take more than a few Trophies to convince you to waste your time dancing in front of an interactive billboard again? Come back to our pad in the comments section below.

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