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Wait, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Has Had Another Price Cut?

Posted by Kell Andersen


The price of the PlayStation 4 version of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes has been reduced on the European PlayStation Store, representing the title's second official price cut. To be clear, the boxed copy is still £29.99, however the digital version will now set you back £24.99. On first glance, it may seem that this change has come from Konami, but it's actually been put in place by Sony. Orders directly from the top, then.

As we mentioned in our review, we think that Kojima's paltry preamble was just too slight to satisfy, but to be honest, we're of two minds about this price cut. On the one hand, we're happy that the Japanese giant has wised up to that fact that consumers aren't particularly interested in paying full price for a demo. On the other, it seems to be a case of too little too late, especially considering the lack of a price drop on any other regional stores.

What do you make of this sudden cost reversal? Has this changed your purchase decision? Make a codec call in the comments section below.


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get2sammyb said:

And yet inFAMOUS: Second Son is selling for over £60 if you want the Cole's Legacy pre-order bonus...



tonyp1987 said:

I'm a fan of metal gear solid but I do agree that from the videos I saw it's a demo. I want a ps4 but I'm gonna enjoy my back log of ps3 and vita games. Can't wait for sly cooper collection, borderlands 2, god of war collection, demon gaze, ffx/ffx2 just to name a few games I want for my vita



Dodoo said:

I'll get Ground Zeroes but only when I see it £15 or under...



Carl-G said:

I got it for £23'ish and think it's worth it if you don't rush it. But InFamous:SS is to expensive really :-/ oh well, like in my PS1/2&3 days i will wait until games get cheaper after a few months.



Epic said:

Its only a matter of time till it gets free for PS+ members xD



KillTheG1mp said:

To 100% the game there is more than 12 hours of gameplay. Stop whining and calling it a demo FFS it has more content and replayability than most action games on the market.

Yes the main mission is short, but there's **** loads of stuff to unlock and trials to beat.

30$ is justified I believe!



FullbringIchigo said:

I really enjoying the game yeah it's not worth the £30 asking price but the again I only paid £20 for the physical PS4 version but even though i think that's still a bit too much to pay i am enjoying it so I'm happy with it

yeah it's short but it plays fantastic and looks fantastic too

I say this if your a fan of MGS you need to play it but wait for the price to go down to about £15 first because that's about the most you should pay for it



charlesnarles said:

@KillTheG1mp it's true. I've spent about 6 hours just trying to get the hang of which control scheme I prefer and taking out and extracting the first little group of guards. Then there are all the cassette tapes making up the mission briefing, Paz' journal from PW, and her "other" journal too. Plus you collect more tapes in the field. You can listen from the main menu or in-game, but even then, Idk how or why the review here said it was so short. And you log in to with your (enormous) code to get a bonus code for PP content. I was sold at $40.



Midzark said:

I got it for £23 from amazon uk! Still think it's to much!! £15 would of been better but still hey got to pay to play



Tony_342 said:

I planned on waiting until the price dropped, or maybe buying a cheaper used copy eventually, but the game (at least the PS4 version) is already becoming difficult to find, apparently. The prices have actually gone up at some of the places I checked online. I decided to go ahead and take a chance on it and bought the last PS4 copy of the game that I could find locally. Also, I thought it would be nice to have something to play in between sessions of inFAMOUS.

I've only played the game for a couple hours (just messing around, mostly - I haven't even finished the main mission, yet) and I'm really enjoying it. It reminds me of being a kid, playing through the Facility level of Goldeneye over and over. It's just fun to mess around, discovering the things you can do, ways you can interact with the environment, and seeing how much mischief you can cause or how stealthily you can deal with all the guards. It controls really well, it looks beautiful, the framerate is silky smooth...

It's fun.



KillTheG1mp said:

@get2sammyb sorry about the language but sometimes people bash on something great for no reason and it is upsetting.

I remember a time here in Canada when SNES game cartridges were 99,99$ each. For games that lasted an hour to finish and we didn't complain. Modern gamers seem to judge solely on price first regardless of actual content.

MGS:GZ has more meat on it than most games on the market. So it ain't a 30$ demo, nor is it glorified DLC.



GraveLordXD said:

@KillTheG1mp what SNES games lasted an hr? And if you're talking speed runs well this game is doable in just 6 minutes!
And you're seriously trying to say this has more meat on it than most games on the market? No offense but are you use to playing phone games or something because almost every review I've read knocks the game for being way to short for the price to me it sounds like a rip off from Konami and I sure don't want games short as most dlc trying to pass itself as a full fledged game
Glad you're enjoying the game but unlockables and trials don't add much weight to a game IMO this sounds like it should be no more than $15 and thats pushing it



KillTheG1mp said:

@LDXD Aladdin? Contra 3? Those were expensive back in the day and were about an hour to finish.

Yes MGS:GZ is short if you only play the story mission once. But it is meant to be played several times, to experiment with it and to master it.

My first run of the main mission lasted me 70 minutes, I got a B rank and only did 10% completion. There is two difficulty levels, 5 extra ops, cassettes and XOF patches to find. The replayability is way higher than most reviews state and therefore people "believe" the game only has 2 hours of gameplay content in it, which the game clearly excels.

Like I stated previously, you can skip all the cutscenes in the MGS games and finish thr games in under 3 hours.

All I'm saying is the game is longer than most other games where you're not encouraged to replay through them and those games ask for 60$ when MGS:GZ, at 30$, offers more depth and replay factor.



Volmun said:

@KillTheG1mp i think iv been on it about 12 hours? im only at 23% (-_-) lol bit burnt out from it atm but yes it dose have allot more replay than I was expecting still yet to unlock the final mission I assume its from all patches or something



KillTheG1mp said:

@LDXD exactly mate! Cheers! So many negative reviews just criticize the main mission's lenght that it gives it the false impression that there is no replay value. It's not for everyone mind you, but it's still a 10+ hour game to 100% the game. And it's fun to replay and explore the base using new unlocked weapons and finding new details and approaches to do the missions.



Joco84 said:

it'll be £10 soon and I will probably pick it up at that price.



Kenshiro said:

@FullbringIchigo hey thanks for the comment you're the only one who isn't spewing bull**** your comment is actually helpful i made my decision to wait an buy based on your comment

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