Growing up in an age prior to YouTube, we often marvelled at the bizarre Japanese commercials that would occasionally be included as extras with select games. Sadly, now that we have access to this kind of insanity on tap, we’ve noticed that the nation’s craziness has been on the wane of late. Fortunately, upcoming PlayStation Vita re-release Valhalla Knights 3 Gold is here to save the day with the strangest marketing campaign that we’ve seen in quite some time.

At their worst, these television spots feature intentionally terrible lip syncing and a bizarre culinary premise. At their best, though, they depict two adult actors tickling each other with pastry brushes and rubbing whisks on their nipples. The original iteration of Marvelous AQL’s action-focused role-playing game may have been a dull, tedious, and borderline offensive affair, but we’re totally sold on its enhanced upgrade after watching these embedded advertisements.