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Talking Point: Who's the Cutest Couple on PlayStation?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Love at first sight

Roses are red, violets are blue, and believe it or not, there’s a PlayStation couple out there for you. While you deal with the consequences of buying your significant other the wrong box of chocolates, we figured that you may appreciate a spot of escapism. And what better way to celebrate the current commercially exaggerated season than by parading some of PlayStation’s best couples? As we’ve already established with our True Love feature, relationships are not as common as you’d expect on Sony’s systems. Fortunately, we’ve managed to compile a handful of pairings to get you started. Which of these would you be willing to watch walk down the aisle, though?

Drake and Elena

Last year’s best model is pretty enough to be America’s Next Top Model – and Uncharted protagonist Nathan Drake knows it. The rugged treasure hunter may have a roaming eye, but he still had the good sense to put a ring on soul mate Elena Fisher’s finger. But while the couple may be estranged by the start of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, it’s evident that neither is really willing to close the book on their vows. Several brushes with death later, and the frustratingly good looking lovers are able to fly off into the sunset with their relationship issues resolved. If only all marriage guidance was as effective...

Ico and Yorda

The course of true love is never without complications, but Ico and Yorda must endure a truly torrid time before pursuing their relationship. Banished by his village due to the appearance of horns on his head, the heartbreaking hero of Fumito Ueda’s seminal PlayStation 2 classic must thwart an evil Queen and fend off shadowy warriors in order to claim his snowy love. Unable to communicate effectively due to language barriers, ICO’s touching twosome instead interact through a simple holding of hands, which is not only one of the most effective mechanics to ever grace a game, but also one of the most evocative.

James and Mary

Arguably the most “real” relationship on this list, James and Mary Sunderland’s seemingly solid marriage is torn apart by terminal illness. While the true nature of the couple’s story arc remains very much down to interpretation, it’s widely believed that the macabre events in Konami’s classic Silent Hill 2 represent a manifestation of the protagonist’s guilt after prematurely ending his wife’s life out of frustration for what she’s become. Assuming that chief antagonist Pyramid Head really is a representation of the star’s guilt and sexual repression, this may not be the most adorable love story ever told – but it’s easily one of the medium’s most harrowing ones.

PaRappa and Sunny

Kick, punch, it’s all in the mind – but it’s not always easy to believe. PaRappa the Rapper may be head-over-heels in love with the colourful Sunny Funny, but those feelings are initially only reciprocated when the MCing mutt desperately needs the loo. Still, this relationship proves that you can’t rush real love, as the duo eventually confess their feelings for each other at the Club Fun. Alas, things almost turn pear-shaped in the rhythm action release’s PS2 sequel, after the pooch throws a tantrum over his other half’s home cooked meal. Apparently no one likes noodles after they’ve won a hundred years’ worth.

Tidus and Yuna

No relationship has a truly happy ending, and Square Enix confronted that idea with colossal courage in Final Fantasy X. Granted, hip blitzball star Tidus may be more irritating than a member of One Direction singing Justin Bieber’s greatest hits, but there’s undoubtedly something poignant about his relationship with High Summoner wannabe Yuna. Part of this couple’s enduring appeal is the time that the once great developer takes to build up their relationship, with the very nature of the average Japanese role-playing game applying itself perfectly to the twosome’s touching arc. And that only makes the eventual ending all the more heartrending.

Which of these classic PlayStation couples are your favourite? Are there any popular pairings that we’ve missed? Kiss the bride in the comments section below.

Who's the cutest couple on PlayStation? (32 votes)

Drake and Elena


Ico and Yorda


James and Mary


PaRappa and Sunny


Tidus and Yuna




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RaymanFan2 said:

Drake and Elena, just for how awesomely vague their whole relationship was. I had to play the game (U3) twice to get it properly, and for some reason that was a good thing.



NathanUC said:

At first, I read that as "PaRappa and Sammy". Since that's not it, my vote goes to Ico and Yorda as that relationship was very touching.



Jo_Jo718 said:

Drake and Elena are certainly a great couple, and the greatest reason why i'm so skeptic of Uncharted 4, on the Final Fantasy couple, I actually prefer Cloud and Aerith to Tidus and Yuna, even if both are similar and actually they kind of remind me of Wander and Mono from Shadow of the Colossus, altough the relationship between both is actually vague at best, you wouldn't go to defeat 16 giant creatures to save someone, if you didn't feel anything for that other person xD.



get2sammyb said:

Shout out to Sly Cooper and Carmelita Fox in here. Pretty unorthodox pairing:




charlesnarles said:

I'd say the cutest FF couple is Zidane and Garnet, but I haven't finished 7, 8 or 10 (don't kill me). While I thought 10 was too dark to be "cute" (no spoilers, but Tidus doesn't know and that's messed up of him lol), I voted James and Mary cause of the sentimentality of the love letter being his most resilient and therefore last tie to reality. James is still in love with her [sniffle]



Cloud7794 said:

I'd say Squall and Rinoa.

I personally feel that Final Fantasy 8 had one of the best romances out of any Final Fantasies, if because it was a bit more realistic and turbulent. 9 and 10 were pretty good ones, but they really didn't do it much for me because of lack of conflicting interests. 8 didn't have all that many either, but just the sheer fact that it was more a slightly-hectic triangle than a from-the-start couple sells it a little more for me.

Thanks for reminding me I have to buy FF8 from the PS1 classics.



turtlelink said:

What about Snake and Meryl in MGS1? They'd make a great couple.
Or maybe Raiden and Rose...

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