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PS4 Firmware Update 1.61 Stabilises Your System

Posted by Sammy Barker

Nothing to see here

Sony may have made it easier than ever to download and install incremental updates with the PlayStation 4, but that hasn’t prevented it from pushing out seemingly meaningless patches. SCEE community manager Chris Owen confirmed earlier this morning that firmware update v1.61 is available now, stating that it adds “general enhancements to the system’s stability”.

We suspect that this is merely a fix for the recent v1.60, which added Pulse headset support to the next generation device. If you turn on your console now, the update should start downloading immediately. Alternatively, you can put your system in standby, and it’ll do all of the heavy lifting for you. You can find out how to do that courtesy of our PS4 background download guide.


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get2sammyb said:

@elocinkrob Ditto. After spending so many years with the PS3, I do love how the PS4 does all of this stuff automatically. It's like magic.



elocinkrob said:

@get2sammyb yeah I love that. I got the notification and it wasn't like oh download now or you can't do anything else it just started to download in the background. I went online to see what it's about. Thanks to push square for updating the news so quickly.



Dub-Focus said:

i want to be able to have the Supplied ear bug in the controller to use the MIC but have all volume to come out the TV at the same time! and Log In Notifications and a youtube app please!



MadchesterManc said:

I picked up a Ps4 on Saturday and I think it's been on Standby whenever I'm not using it. Anyone know the power draw when left on standby? It's great having it download & install everything while I'm asleep or at work so I can get straight to playing when relaxing. Hoping 3D bluray playback is patched in soon...



Djwess said:

@Dub-Focus You actually can use the supplied headset only as a mic. It should be set by default until changed. You have to hold down the ps button on your controller and go to adjust devices. There you will see output to headphones where you can change it to all audio or chat audio only. And when you log in it automatically tells you when it adds something or updates something in your notifications.



artemisthemp said:

I would have presume the next update would be Saturday or before Saturday to add NicoNico to Streaming option.



ShogunRok said:

Final straw Sony, I'm done. You've ruined everything, Kaz.

Throws PS4 into a skip



Fenriswolf- said:

Well, I'm surprised nobody mentioned the fact that this update has allowed us to finally use our Sony headsets from PS3..! That alone made my day!



ComicBookGuy said:

Ironically my PS4 never crashed until this firmware came along and corrupted my 91% Tomb Raider save... Also, thank God for PS+ backups!

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