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What Has Happened to Lara Croft's Face in PS4 Port Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Dig out that David Bowie record

Just as she’s a fan of dusty old objects, video game heroine Lara Croft is also rather keen on reconstructive surgery. The protagonist underwent a serious facelift for Crystal Dynamics’ recent Tomb Raider reboot – and for the upcoming PlayStation 4 port, she’s delved under the knife yet again.

Those of you that caught the recent trailer revealing the next generation re-release may have noticed that the hero’s been given a slightly different jaw line and bigger eyes. The big question is: why? “We did start with the idea of updating just her skin or a few extra polygons, but as we started to learn more about the hardware and what was possible, we felt that Lara deserved even more attention,” explained executive producer Scot Amos on the franchise’s official forums. “So we had the same folks who built her for the initial version dedicated to reworking her.”

In addition to the vaunted TressFX hair physics, the adventurer’s new model will also include fancy sub-surface scattering on her skin, which aims to add to the realism of her appearance. But is the character now finished, or will she be paying yet another visit to her favourite plastic surgeon in the future? “I’d say that Lara’s looks are just the start for what we will continue to evolve for all future iterations of Tomb Raider on next-gen,” Amos deflected.

We’re not overly against the new design – the eyes are much more realistic, for starters – but we quite liked the edgier appearance of her previous face. Which form of gaming’s most famous archaeologist are you most fond of? Casually critique the poor girl’s looks in the comments section below.


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ShogunRok said:

I reckon she's more attractive now - I think it's the bigger eyes. Although she looks a bit red and bloated by comparison.



get2sammyb said:

@ShogunRok The eyes are way better, but her face looks puffy. I prefer the more defined shape of her face in the original. In short: add the new eyes to the old face.



robertcram said:

This major game changing extra definitely warrants paying full price for the game all over again.../s



RawShark said:

At least there's a marked difference. I'll stick with the PS3 version that I bought on a PSN sale and still haven't gotten round to playing, but I'm seeing this as a nice little teaser of what we can expect from the true next gen Tomb Raider entries.



goonow said:

I already played the game, and have grown fond of the original face. P.S. You look at her butt way more than her face... You know its true lol



goonow said:

What actress does she look like now? Oh wait, i just remembered! She looks like the actress who played the princess in the prince of persia movie.



Tasuki said:

I think I agree with Sammy on this one I like the new eyes but the face. Still I can't wait to pick this one up for PS4.



Batman said:

I'd say the newer one looks like it'd be more at home in the PS3 version. Seems like they've gone back a step in the grafikz department.



Hokage17 said:

I like Lara's new look. It gives her more of an adventurous and focused look. Before her face had a kind of spaced out lazy look, like a teenager that just wants to go shopping at the mall or looking for the party. Now she looks like more of a dare devil more into hiking and scuba diving.



divinelite said:

I like her new look.
I mean she becomes more and more human. Yesterday at encore sale on steam I skip all previous tomb raider (and tomb raider because of definitive version) because they can never be Lara anymore on my book, the human Lara Croft



GraveLordXD said:

" but as we learned more about the hardware and what was possible we felt that laura deserved even more attention "
As if she didn't deserve "more" attention on the PC version of the game please
Yeah great she looks good with a tan and chubby cheeks not $60 good lol whatever



BlueProxy said:

Yea, they made too much of a jump. She looks completely different. I prefer the first version. It's like when TV networks replace last seasons main actress because she wanted too much money for the next season.

You see the new actress, and think who is that suppose to be... oh I see... wasn't expecting that. Then you get use to them. Look at how many James Bonds there have been.



rjejr said:

@KiLLeRCLaM - younger - b/c everybody has to look like Juno now, (even if it means being sued it's good marketing) - and stranded at a tanning salon in Malibu rather than on an island with a of bunch of ruthless killers out to get her. I'ld have to say I find the new look more attractive, her lips in particular are saying "bj" now, but the old distraught look fit the premise of the game better. Unless the PS3 photo is taken near the end of the ordeal and the PS4 photo is taken before it's begun? Her eyebrows are also shaped better now, wide to thin, rather than just a rectangle. And her hair looks like she's used conditioner afer some Clairol color.



KiLLeRCLaM said:

They should have kept her the way she was but just give her a damn tan. She's pale as hell and she's out in that hot environment practically the whole game.. She doesn't look as real in the new one maybe because it's made for consoles, still cartoonie



ThreadShadow said:

But Lara is British Caucasian , not Hispanic. The first face holds to the basic Lara Croft parameters, but the new one seems like a completely new character. Pretty, but does not look like 'Lara Croft', imo.

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