Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
"I'm a survivor"

As yet, there haven’t been many especially interesting uses of the DualShock 4’s light bar. While the glowing strip is employed to offer additional motion tracking in augmented reality demo The Playroom, its most interesting implementation otherwise is the way in which it changes colour to display your health in Killzone: Shadow Fall. Fortunately, the developers on the recently announced Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition have happened upon a more interesting solution.

According to a blog post on the PlayStation 4 port, the title will employ the next-gen peripheral to reflect the effect of Lara Croft’s torch. “The controller lights up red and orange when using the torch, and quick flashes when Lara is shooting,” reads a post on the franchise’s official Tumblr page. “The PS4 version also allows you to stream the game to the Vita.” Now you’ll be able to protect your favourite archaeologist in, er, bed.

In addition to overhauled visuals and TressFX hair physics, the re-release will come with a slew of extra content, including the previously retailer exclusive Tomb of the Lost Adventurer, as well as eight bonus multiplayer maps, six fresh weapons, four new characters, a bunch of outfits, a digital comic, a digital art book, and ‘The Final Hours of Tomb Raider’ documentary series. Pre-order the port and you’ll also score limited edition art book packaging.

You can watch a trailer of Lara Croft doing her best Nathan Drake impression in the space below. Square Enix is claiming that it hasn’t just up-rezzed the title, but completely rebuilt it. “The team pulled [the game] apart and rebuilt it with obsessive detail and new technology, finally allowing us to reach a vision for the game that we always wanted,” the blog concludes. Are you ready to set sail yet again? Moor your thoughts in the comments section below.

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