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Is Konami's Bloody Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 on Script?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Fang you very much

Konami has spared no expense on the voice cast in upcoming PlayStation 3 murder-‘em-up Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, with high-profile thespians such as Robert Carlyle, Sir Patrick Stewart, and Richard Madden all reprising their roles in the upcoming current generation release. If you’re in need of further proof of the star studded lineup, then this cinematic trailer dubbed ‘Dracula’s Destiny’ should do the trick.

We must admit that we’re gradually getting pretty excited for this. Between the game’s macabre art style, mysterious modern setting, and outstanding array of accents, we suspect that Spanish developer MercurySteam may have a hit on its hands. We actually got to play a chunk of this last year, and we can confirm that it rivals God of War in terms of sheer spectacle. The most impressive thing is that the studio’s promising 20 hours’ worth of original content. Inject it into our bloodstream.


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Shadowsoul83 said:

The first one was great. Dissapointed I will miss this one they need to bring it to ps4!



fchinaski said:

The first one was good, but it had quite a few flaws. Some of them we already know that they've fixed for this one, such as the fixed camera, but IMHO the first one suffered from:

1) horrid hand-holding at times, while managing to leave you stuck at others due to bad level design.

2) tiresome gameplay broken down in too many chapters/subchapters with way too many cutscenes — I've never had the feeling that I was playing a fluid multilayered game like Castlevania should be, with all those interruptions!

3) Bad music. Yes, bad music, nowhere near the wonderful scores from previous ones and resorting to newer action games soundtrack cliches.

But it was a pretty good and enjoyable game nonetheless, so I'm hoping that LoS2 will be a more refined and polished effort from what I hear.



Volmun said:

I watched some gameplay of this one and i prefer how it plays to the 1st (sorry it was way to mutch like GoW for me... i wanted a CASTLEVANIA game... the 3DS game was good but way to short)



Volmun said:

@fchinaski i agre with pritty mutch everything you listed . Yeah the OST was dredfull... there was only like... 3 songs while you play the game and yes the handholding was a total joke and then randomly ditching you somewhere with abslutly no hint on what to do. + i was so happy to see a free camra in LoS2 locked camras really bug me.. thay sometimes work but forme thay cheepen alot of games to me.



rjejr said:

As much as I enjoy Patrick Stewarts work there were waaaaay too many parts for him to read. 12 chapters would have been enough, he didnt need to read 3 or 5 times each chapter. And the break points eere so random they made little sense at times.
But really, if its too much Jean Luc Pickard for me, then uou really have too much. I like lots of cut scenes, just not book reading, they can prerender conversations all they want.



SuperSilverback said:

Do you guys think id have to play Mirror of Fate before i play this? Would i be missing any plot lines?

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