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You'll Soon Be Able to Link Three Portable Devices to Your PSN Account

Posted by Kell Andersen

Three's a crowd

A recent post on the PlayStation Network forums has confirmed that the online service will be down for planned maintenance between 09:00AM - 14:00PM PST (17:00PM - 22:00PM GMT). During this time you'll still be able to play online and access apps, but the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home, and Account Management services will be offline.

The post also reveals that the purpose of the maintenance is to enable you to increase the number of portable devices tied to your PSN account. You'll now be able to access purchased content on up to three PlayStation Portables or PlayStation Vitas. This number was originally five, but was reduced to just two in 2011. Will you be taking advantage of this handy update? Are you dashing out to grab two extra Vitas? Get crazy in the comments section below.


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Epic said:

Still waiting for the ability to log on with more than 2 users per memory card.
I thought PS Vita TV was going to fix this but not even in Japan has this yet.



belmont said:

PSP go and Vita for me. Third device? I smell the Vita TV coming to Europe!



fchinaski said:

I wasn't aware of the restrictions, got a PSP3000 here and a recently purchased VITA (loving it). No plans for a third portable though.



GamerZack87 said:

Nice, that means I could register a Vita and a PSP, with breathing space for a third handheld some other time.



hamispink said:

@belmont I agree, sounds like a confirmation of vita TV coming to the west. Sony did the same thing in Japan before its release.



Azikira said:

Now me and my brothers can all play the games we purchased together! This is wonderful news as we only needed 2 PS3 accounts, but 3 portables.



AVahne said:

Will this affect Playstation Mobile games as well? Of course I only intend to keep those games on my Xperia Play and Vita, but would be nice to link one more device in the future, like the Vita TV.
For the regular store though, this will be great for my 3000, go, and Vita.



AVahne said:

There's the Playstation Mobile app for Playstation-certified devices, which uses your SEN/PSN account and will link your device to said account.



Grockumus said:

@AVahne Ahh, okay. Knew of the PlayStation Mobile app, but had no clue as to whether or not it linked a phone as a device to the account. Thank you for clarifying that



DoublezZ01 said:

Cool this lieves 1 more option open for me besides my App and soon to purchase vita!!!

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