It looks like Sony is especially eager for you to upgrade to Gran Turismo 6. In a sneaky seasonal update, the platform holder has revealed that Gran Turismo 5’s online component will be written off on 20th May 2014. That means that you’ve got around six months left to stomach the simulation racer’s awful interface with your friends.

Insomniac Games has been unable to escape the cull either, with all three Resistance titles set to be plunged into darkness on 28th March 2014. We suppose that Resistance: Fall of Man has had a good run – it was a PlayStation 3 launch title, after all – but it’ll be sad to see Resistance 2’s addictive co-operative component shut down. We hope that you got the Trophy for 10,000 competitive kills.

As a reminder, the platform holder will also be switching off the servers on the underrated MAG on 28th January 2014. Furthermore, SOCOM: Confrontation and SOCOM 4 will be relieved of their duties on the same date, more or less marking an end to Zipper Interactive’s online legacy. There’s always PlayStation Vita shooter Unit 13, right?