Number of Players
1 (Single Player) (16 Player Online)
Release Date

PlayStation 3

  • US 6th Sep 2011
  • EU 9th Sep 2011
  • JP 8th Sep 2011

PlayStation Plus Premium (Subscription)

  • 13th Jun 2022
Controller Support
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  • Review Resistance 3 (PlayStation 3)

    How far would you go to save your family?

    It’s been four long years since the dramatic events of Resistance 2 came to a close, and the war is over. Chimeran terraformers hover in the skies, transforming Earth into an icy wasteland reminiscent of the alien invaders' home world. Like enslaved prisoners, the few remaining survivors have taken refuge...

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Resistance 3 News

  • News You Can't Resist the Fall of Resistance's Online Servers

    Hale to the king

    Forget about the Fall of Man, as Sony is set to pull the plug on the Resistance trilogy’s online multiplayer servers tomorrow. Despite originally being set to say goodbye at the end of March, it seems that developer Insomniac Games managed to convince Sony to keep the titles online for an extra week or so – and it’s been using...

  • News Resistance Collection Invades Retailers on 5th December

    All Hale

    Insomniac Games’ stellar first-person series will get another shot in the spotlight this winter, when Sony fires the Resistance Collection onto North American store shelves on 5th December. The compelling compilation will collate all three titles from the alternate history franchise, alongside five different DLC packs. The bundle will...

  • News Resistance Trilogy Getting Bundled Up

    Catch up

    Amazon France has outed the existence of a Resistance Trilogy bundle for PlayStation 3. The platinum re-release includes all three original PS3 Resistance titles, collated into one value package. It’ll set you back a reasonable €59.99. The listing notes that the bundle is due for release on 16th May. Expect Sony to make a full...

  • News Grab a Serious Move Bargain This Thanksgiving

    Plenty to be grateful for

    We're going to come out and say it: this might be the best value Move bundle we've seen yet. Best Buy is offering a serious package to anyone wanting to get started with Move in the world of first-person shooters. The PlayStation Move Mayhem Bundle is currently on sale for just $119.99, a bargain considering it contains:...

  • News Resistance 3 - Patch 1.04 Update and Double XP Weekend

    Get your Sharp Shooter ready!

    Insomniac Games has finally confirmed that the 1.04 patch is going to be rolled out this weekend, fixing the ADS issues when using the PlayStation Move control method in Resistance 3. Aside from fixing the Move issues, the patch will also introduce a few balance fixes to matchmaking, as well other minor tweaks to better...

  • News First Resistance 3 Paid and Free DLC Announced

    Due next month

    Resistance 3 is finally at-hand, but developer Insomniac Games is already preparing follow-up content to extend your Resistance experience. On 4th October we'll see the Survival Pack launch for $3.99, introducing a new game type called Invasion, where you must hold nodes to earn points. You'll also get an XMB theme and four new skins,...

  • News Kevin Butler Returns for Resistance 3

    General Butler rallies his troops

    Self-proclaimed Vice-President of Sony PlayStation, funny man Kevin Butler returns in his latest video commercial for the upcoming PlayStation Move compatible shooter, Resistance 3. Butler dons a horse while armed with the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter, and rallies up his troops to resist the Chimeran invasion...

  • News Pre-Order Your $499 3DTV, Get Resistance 3 Too

    What a deal

    Sony's official PlayStation-branded 3D monitor is coming to North America soon, and if you're taken with it enough to put down money for a pre-order you'll get a nice little bonus. Put your name down before 30th September and as well as the 3D monitor, two pairs of glasses and MotorStorm Apocalypse you'll also get a free copy of...

  • News New Resistance 3 Trailer Celebrates Game Going Gold

    It's finished!

    Resistance 3 is definitely rolling out to stores next month — the game just went gold, and to get you even more amped-up for its release Sony has put together a brand new trailer. Insomniac has spent the past six months tweaking and refining the game based on user feedback, and the game will in fact receive a patch on day one to...

  • News 30 Glorious Minutes of Resistance 3 Move Analysis

    Courtesy of Waggler

    Itching for Resistance 3? It's a month away — not long now. Want to see the game's Move controls in action before you can buy the game? Then scroll down, friends. Our friend over at iWaggle3D has put together a Resistance 3 PlayStation Move analysis video showing how the game handles with Move and Navigation in hand, from the...

About The Game

August, 1957. America is lost.

Four years after the end of the critically-acclaimed Resistance 2, dishonorably discharged Sentinel Joseph Capelli has given up fighting the Chimeran menace. Now he’s in hiding with other survivors, including his wife and young son. But when Dr. Fyodor Malikov arrives with the opportunity to deliver a blow to the occupying Chimeran force, Capelli must leave his family and journey the harrowing road from Oklahoma to New York City. Along the way, he’ll encounter the remnants of humanity left in the aftermath of the brutal Chimeran invasion.

Powered by InsomniacGames’ fifth-generation PlayStation 3 technology, Resistance 3 portrays Capelli’s heroic survival inside the brutal Resistance world. Featuring new upgradeable weapons, the return of the weapon wheel, two-player online or split-screen campaign co-op and a progression-based multiplayer experience, Resistance 3 delivers a heroic-yet savage first-person shooter experience for PlayStation 3