Also Known As
Massive Action Game
Release Date

PlayStation 3

  • US 26th Jan 2010
  • EU 29th Jan 2010
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  • Review MAG (PlayStation 3)

    The war has been raging and it’s time to Move in

    MAG is like a bottle of wine, getting better with age. An online-only game exclusively for the PlayStation 3 developed by Zipper Interactive, also known for its long-running PlayStation exclusive franchise SOCOM, MAG garnered a lot of hype before launch for its massive 256-player battles. Despite...

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MAG News

  • News Sony Sidelines MAG, SOCOM 4, and SOCOM: Confrontation

    Platform holder pulling the plug in January

    Zipper Interactive’s lasting legacy will be powered down next year, as Sony has announced that the online components for MAG, SOCOM Confrontation, and SOCOM 4 will all be switched off on 28th January. Of the three games, only the latter has a single player campaign, mean

  • News Try MAG with Full Game Trial for All on PlayStation Store

    Hope you're patient

    If you've held off from trying Zipper Interactive's 256-man shooter MAG, now's your chance to see why it lives up to its name of Massive Action Game with a 5.5GB demo available on the North American PlayStation Store. While you'll be able to jump into battle with those who own the full game, your progress will be capped at level...

  • News Move Games Go Cheap in European PSN Sale

    Up to 50% off

    PlayStation Network has stacks of Move-enabled games to download, but if you've been holding off on some until a substantial price drop and have a European account you might want to load up the PlayStation Store and see what's on offer. As part of Sony's "Let's PlayStation Move!" event, from now until 30th March selected...

  • News Funky Lab Rat Drops in Price in US Store Update

    Rat goes cheap

    As well as the Killzone 3 single-player demo, a few pieces of Move-related DLC received price reductions in yesterday's American PlayStation Store update. Telekinetic puzzle-platformer Funky Lab Rat dropped in price to $6.99 from $9.99, and downloadable content for R.U.S.E. and MAG also had a healthy amount snipped off their price...

  • News PlayStation Plus Subscribers, Get Your Free MAG Trial Now

    Well worth a shot

    Online shooter MAG is already available cheaply in the Greatest Hits range, but if you're still not convinced it's worth the money then perhaps a PlayStation Plus-exclusive free game trial will help twist your arm. Subscribers to Sony's premium service will be able to play the game for free, with full Move support. You'll only be...

  • News Plenty of Move Videos and Themes in This Week's Store Update

    Head on in to see what's up

    A bumper crop of Move content this week, with trailers, videos, a patch for PAIN and even a full game to download. Sports Champions gets a reverse disc golf course, High Velocity Bowling gets a digital compendium of all content and TV Superstars themes jump up and down screaming "pick me! Pick me!" in a manner...

  • News MAG Move Developer Video Light on Details, Big on Knifing

    Behind the scenes with Zipper

    Despite being filmed in what looks like a level from an early Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game, this developer video from Zipper Interactive gives a few insights into Move controls in MAG. The whole video comes off as slick and more like a promotional video than an informative developer diary, but it does give you some...

  • News Patched for Move: MAG

    A huge line-up of improvements made

    MAG is enjoying something of a resurgence lately, with a sizeable price drop in North America and now the launch of a brand new 2.0 patch adding plenty of new features, including support for PlayStation Move. With an increased level cap, new skill trees as well as around 100 extra tweaks and changes, it's one of...

  • News Ready Up for MAG's Move Patch with New Lower Price

    Title joins Greatest Hits range Stateside

    Move is coming to MAG in October, and to entice further shooter fans who haven't yet picked up Sony's 256-player battle royale the game is set to receive a price drop as part of Sony's Greatest Hits line-up. From Tuesday, September 28th, the game will set you back a measly $29.99, with the Move-enabling...

  • News Move and Masses More Comes to MAG in a Month

    Big 2.0 update on the way

    MAG, aka Massive Action Game, is Sony's online multiplayer game on a brand scale, pitting hundreds of players against each other simultaneously. The game receives new content on a regular basis, but it's about to get one of its largest updates yet, adding Move controller support amongst other new features. Although...

About The Game

Find out if you're man enough to command a 128-strong army into battle with this huge, online first-person shooter for PS3.

Experience a world of online warfare on an unprecedented scale, where 256 players take to the battlefield to win glory and the right to command their troops. Choose the force that reflects your fighting style and prove yourself to move through the chain of command to lead a squad, then a platoon, then an entire army. Exclusive to PS3, this action packed multiplayer madness is sure to sort the men from the boys. Are you officer material?

Bound by the terms of the Millennium Accord, which prevent defense forces from crossing borders, nations now turn to the services of PMCs to secure interests abroad. Today's leading PMCs compete for contracts across the globe, each offering its own approach to a variety of military operations. Choose your loyalty.