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Weirdness: The Sun's Page 3 Swapped Out for a Sexier Image

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Looks like British glamour model Rosie Jones has been given the day off, as Sony has taken charge of The Sun’s famous Page 3 column. For those out of the tabloid loop, the UK rag ordinarily publishes pictures of scantily clad ladies on the inside page, but it’s swapped out the images for something a little sexier today – a shot of the PlayStation 4.

In addition to the sultry snap, the platform holder’s also attached a cheeky message to the advertisement. “Apologies to Rosie, 22 from Middlesex,” the tongue-in-cheek promotion reads. “Today’s Page 3 is for the players.” It’s part of a nationwide blitz across the UK which is seeing the next generation console promoted pretty much everywhere that you look. The problem is that you can’t buy a console even if you wanted to, as they appear to be pretty much sold out following last night’s launch.


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eliotgballade said:

they've just swapped in pictures of one unavailable thing for another
(unless you're a footballer)
seriously though , I don't think that this has ever been done before (so that is awesome)



ShogunRok said:

I bet there are people who were really looking forward to their booby fix only to find this. "It doesn't even have curves!"



rastamadeus said:

They should have filled in the whole dirty lying **** poor excuse of a paper with adverts. Don't Buy The Sun - JFT96

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