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Polls Show PS4 Is Preferred Next Generation System, Says Sony

Posted by Sammy Barker

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In somewhat harrowing news for Microsoft and its upcoming Xbox One console, Sony’s chief financial officer Masaru Kato has told investors that around 80 per cent of consumers prefer the PlayStation 4 to its counterparts. The executive was citing polls including the Redmond-based manufacturer’s system, as well as Nintendo’s struggling Wii U.

"This is very encouraging," he said, adding that the company is doing its “best to secure enough chipsets and capacity” to meet demand at launch. We know that release day pre-orders have already been frozen in Europe and parts of North America, so that may prove more challenging than it sounds.

Sadly, Kato didn’t offer any further information regarding the polls that he referenced – but the snippet does tally with data that we’ve seen around the web. Of course, consumer interest is meaningless unless it’s converted into actual sales. With systems such as the Vita struggling to attract attention, Sony’s going to have to keep its foot on the gas right through Christmas and into the New Year if it intends to maintain the PS4's momentum.


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MANTAGTJ001 said:

BRING IT ON !! PS4 all the way, Infamous 3 IM COMING ! Literally! I just cant wait for the PS4 to be released, I have to go on holiday yet ! Hurry up PS4 I love you xxx



Sanquine said:

@MANTAGTJ001 Same here! Bring or on? Sony has to dominante like the ps2 days. Destroy Microsoft ^^ i have some love for Nintendo so they becoming second is oké for me



Farmboy74 said:

The hype and buzz around the PS4 reminds me of the PS2 launch, which I decided to ignore and buy a GameCube instead!!. Not this time though as I have my PS4 preorder safely in place.



Mahe said:

Wii U with its cumbersome Gamepad controller is doing badly right now so it's no wonder people are turning toward PS4.



moomoo said:

I never really liked consumer polls for a system before it came out. The same goes for Xbox One and PS4. Shouldn't people actually have a prolonged period with a system (or just any time at all with a system) before claiming their loyalties? I get that there's price and some services, and a few exclusive games (that haven't released) but come on.



InsertNameHere said:

@moomoo I'm sure that people are capable of deciding their product of choice prior to launch. For instance, I knew I wanted and would love the PS3 after having owned the PS2.

I'm guessing everyone else is thinking the same way and have made their choice based on their love of the PS3 and the quality of the PS3(4)'s exclusives.



8vpiper said:

PS1 check, PSOne check, PS2 check, PS2 slim check, PSP Check, PS3 60gig check, PS3 Slim check, PSvita check x 3 , PS4 x 2 On pre Order! They have not disappointed me with there hardware yet so I will continue to support! Sony products across the range are generally very well engineered products they cost a small premium usually but they're worth it. Yes I know FANboy can't help it



kelvins said:

not as if sony are going to say x1 is the preferred console are they!!!!



ViciousDS said:

To me the ps3 felt like an experiment until later I'm the consoles life, while the ps4 feels like the true successor to the ps2. I mean we are back to being in simplified developing territory again.



Subie98 said:

It obvious that a lot more people will want a ps4 over an xb1 this generation. Microsoft did it to themselves. Id have thought most people would have saw this comming awhile ago.



hYdeks said:

thank you sony for saying your system is prefered ¬¬ I'll give you a hint though: NO ITS NOT! I dont know anyone who wants a PS4 or put money down for one, I only know people that want either a Xbox One or Wii U

Btw, why the hell would I listen to Sony about such a fact?!?



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@hydeks Thank you for saying "NO IT'S NOT", but IT IS! At least among my friends, there's zero interest for the Wii U (as they, including me, don't consider it a next-gen console, because concerning the CPU and GPU it's more or less on par with PS3 and 360) and only hysterical laughter concerning the pretty many people I know seem to go with the PS4 seem to be the case with most people I talk to about this on fb.

But agreed, of course it's likely to be biased when this news comes from Sony.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

I might add that the main reason for my disinterest in the Wii U stems from my total lack of interest in big Ns first party games. I know they're good games, but that's just my personal taste.



charlesnarles said:

It's not like Sony has qualms about sharing their losses, why wouldn't they be telling the truth? Anyways, Sony's consoles are better than other brands for several reasons, but it's subjective, indeed. Would you have interest in paying lots of money for a new questionable experience, or for the format and presentation that you've already gotten used to? It's like giving beer to wine-os



heero2001 said:

@8vpiper What a fan! Although I do think Sony's products are well made, I feel they are weak on the product support side. Meaning I want my devices to continue to evolve in functionality after I purchase them. For the premium that Sony charges for their product I expect this to be true. The two examples that I have on the top of my head is Sony Vaio and Xperia Play. Even the PSP and PS3, I feel Sony was way to slow to implement features for their firmware. Pretty much all firmware updates for the psp were about preventing hacking. The ps3 was later than Xbox on many features (like trophy support and better psn store).



GraveLordXD said:

@Mahe just how is the tablet controller cumbersome? even if you have baby hands it should still feel comfortable, also they do have a pro controller that works for every single game I've played so I don't see the problem
to me the tablet controller is the best one yet and I think it's the lack of games holding nintendo back not the controller



ViciousDS said:

@LDXD to me its how ugly that screen really is a very bland screen.....playing nba2k13 on it was disgusting.

a 5 inch OLED screen at 960 × 544 qHD @ 220 ppi

LOOKS INSANELY BETTER, than a piece of junk controller with

854 x 480 resolution @ 158 ppi

The Wiiu screen had so much potential......but it can't even display beyond 480p on the gamepad giving games that look gross when using the gamepad only function.

So you take less resolution than the vita and blow it up even more.....yes it doesn't look pretty.

It's the reason why I have faith in the remote play feature on the Vita.



-CraZed- said:

@moomoo Well you need only look at the top selling preorders on both Amazon and Best buy to know that the PS4 is more popular than the other consoles at this time.
Polls online can be self selecting but the large margins between the systems in just about every poll is at the very least a decent barometer of consumer excitement and engagement. Both spell good news for Sony and the PS4.



Gamer83 said:

I hate stuff like this. The tale will be told at retail, don't give me useless polls, I remember reading all the time how PS3 was prefered to 360, how said PS3 exclusive was more popular than said upcoming 360 exclusive. Then when the numbers would come it it was MS finishing ahead. Wii U has its heavy hitters come out this year, MS hasn't dialed the Xbox One advertising up to 11 yet (we know they will soon). As somebody who prefers the PS brand I'd love to see it get back to the way it used to be but these kind of polls are meaningless.



8vpiper said:

I do agree with the slow to respond but it feels like they are improving. Been fortunate not to have to deal with their service side yet, but will have too soon as I cracked my experia's screen (got an I phone as a replacement don't like it , will pay to put a new screen in my xperia)



Sanquine said:

@hydeks You have never been to Holland did you? We sold out everywhere with the PS4. I went to gamemania and they told the pre orders are like a 4 to 1 ratio in favor of the PS4. Ps i understand that you favor the Wii U but really? I have friends working at gameshops and they say the Wii U is selling worse than vita. That has to be an achievement



Gamer83 said:


He just wants PS4 to fail for some idiotic reason. It's best to ignore anything Hydeks posts here, he's a pretty obvious Nintendrone.



Sanquine said:

@Gamer83 I have seen him on Nintendo life a lot. Im going to Nintendo life for the obvious reason that i own a Wii U and a 3ds. I love Nintendo but men on there people sometimes go berserk. Just like hydeks just did. Like people prefering the Wii U xD I Own a Wii U since launch and i think i have 5 games for it. In comparison with vita i have 20 games and Ps3 maybe 50 games. You buy a Nintendo console for games like pikmin 3 or the wonderfull 101 but i will sell less this time. No miracles this time like Nintendo did with their massive price drop for the 3DS or the motion controller for the wii.

The ps4 is a rennasaince for the playstation fans. I always felt that the ps3 was a diffirent beast in comparison with it's older brothers ( ps1 & 2) I hope the ps4 will dominate this generation. The ps2 days were some of the best gaming years i ever had ( also had the gamecube for mario sunshine and the xbox with morrowind and ofcourse strangers wrath and halo)



Sanquine said:

@hydeks Do you want me to comment like you do on Nintendo life:)? I think i will regret every second:) Like i said before Nintendo fans go berserk. If you dont have their opinion than get away from them:) It's funny because i love Nintendo but i preffered playstation because of their fanbase. Nintendo fanboys are like the extremists of the gaming world. I would love to be more active on Nintendo life but the people on it make it impossible to share my opinion.

PS : You also have the right to share your opinion:) But i just wanted to tell you are wrong With actual facts from people who work at gaming stores:)



Gamer83 said:


I don't really care too much what people post at NL, I think it's stupid when they criticize something like Ubisoft's decision to bring Rayman Legends multiplat but as far as preferring Nintendo, well, it's a Nintendo-dedicated website. I also don't give a damn if somebody hates Sony or the PS4, I just can't stand trolling and that's clealy all hydeks is here to do.

But to get this back on topic there are no facts here, all anybody, including this windbag exec from Sony, has is anecdotal evidence. We won't know facts until they're reported as best they can be by sources like NPD that track them.



rastamadeus said:

@Sanquine Thing is its not Nintendo fans that go beserek. Or Sony or Microsoft ones. It's idiots who just want to cause trouble. Like in a football riot they blame "the fans" but it isn't them, it's people who go to riot and use the football as an excuse. At the end of the day the majority of "fanboys" are just idiots who like to cause trouble and then give people who actually like they systems/games a bad name. Nintendo Life sadly attracts a lot of them which is why I don't often post there.

Regarding the poll I have to say its blatantly obvious Sony would say they're top of polls, whether true or not. As will any company. Have to admit though this next gen fever people are banging on about just isn't happening for me. I've yet to see one reason to upgrade to a PS4 or Xbox One yet.



rastamadeus said:

@Sanquine Cheek Nah, just nothing appeals to me at all. Couldn't give a damn playing Killzone with slightly better graphics than the PS3 could do or social features when I can't stand social networking. The only game I've seen so far I want is that Tom Clancy's The Division. This is the first next generation where I really couldn't give a toss. I will get one of the machines - likely a PS4 - just not for a good few years.



benrawr said:

Is it just me or is anybody else fed up with seeing "Redmond-based manufacturer" instead of 'Microsoft' in every article on the web at the moment?
I know it's bad penmanship to write the same word multiple times, but when talking about an ongoing war between two companies it's safe to assume people will overlook a repeated name-drop



benrawr said:

@get2sammyb I will be forever in your debt! It just seems counter productive having to read three times as many letters as the thing being referred to!



odd69 said:

im still confused, all this time I thought the ps3 was a great system and was profitable for sony, the ps4 will be the same.



heero2001 said:

@odd69 The ps3 IS a great system and IT IS profitable for Sony. However because of its struggles after launch and the success of ps2, people sometimes sometimes think otherwise.



GraveLordXD said:

@ViciousDS lol aww come on man its not that bad haha, well I dont notice on such a small screen to me its not a big deal but my point still stands its not a reason not to get a wii u no game forces you to play off screen play anyway its just an added bonus



GraveLordXD said:

@Sanquine ok man awesome drink where the hell did you get that from lol
@odd69 the ps3 is a great system I think the ps4 will be even better
@rastamadeus I'm like that right now I know I will get a ps4 but no game has grabbed my attention yet that I can't just get on my pc and I got tired of killzone and uncharted hell I got rid of last of us because it felt like I was playing uncharted just with a different story and characters



Sanquine said:

@LDXD Haha, that is called a fishbowl. It costs 30€ and its filled with tequila sunrise and some wodka. I was drinking this on my holiday on Kos (greek island) with my girlfriend. I was totally wasted after this drink ( dont consume that much alcohol normally)



GraveLordXD said:

@Sanquine lol yeah I drink like a fish sometimes and that looks like it would f me up seems like yall had a blast man I think I need another vacation haha

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