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You Won't Be Able to Pre-order a PS4 from This Particular Branch of GAME

Posted by Sammy Barker

Only people wearing green may enter

Much like GameStop in North America, GAME is the biggest specialist video game retailer in the UK, stocking a diverse range of software for all of the major consoles. However, you won’t be able to purchase PlayStation content at the giant’s latest branch in Shoreditch, London – because it will only stock Xbox related products.

The brand new store – set to open later this week – has been designed to promote Microsoft’s various machines, and will feature “gaming pods, head-to-head challenge areas, a Microsoft Surface display, and the latest and greatest in Xbox hardware and software”. We’re assuming that this means that GAME will be one of the few retailers able to accept used games for the Xbox One.

Still, the timing seems odd. We could understand if this was a Microsoft-funded venture – Sony did something similar on Oxford Street for the PlayStation Vita – but the fact that it’s a direct partnership with GAME is strange. There’s no word on whether the company’s planning similar outlets for Sony or Nintendo platforms. Perhaps people in Shoreditch just really, really like the Xbox brand.


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jgrangervikings1 said:

Hmm...sounds like they'll be missing out on a lot of $ from not selling Sony products. For their sake, if PS4 is as hugely successful as I'm figuring it will be, Microsoft better be compensating them very well to make up for potential lost profits...



FullbringIchigo said:

oh well game are a crap store anyway hell we don't even have one in my town anymore

plus they pretty much run on used games so of course they would do a deal with MS to sell their XB1 used games

still that's why i use services like amazon you can get pretty much any game and at decent prices



artemisthemp said:

I really need to be desperate to buy anything from GAME.

Their UK only *** and Premium price have place it on Black List



Solatorobo said:

GAME is a dudebro store to heart. But then again, the competing store where I live tries to sell off broken games/consoles so I guess they are the lesser of two evils.

Anyway, MS are desperate as hell (I know hardcore Xbox fanboys who are still getting a PS4 or a Wii U over this) and it is better to buy online.



ShogunRok said:

I wonder if it's in one of the trendier parts of Shoreditch.

(If you actually get this reference, then well done. Well done indeed.)



Sanquine said:

I dont get this, Im so happy i dont live in countries like you guys. Sony is in favour here. People with xboxes are a minority.



MadchesterManc said:

GAME are what I would consider a mainstream or casual gaming store. I have one locally n the only people you seen in it are parents and those annoying trendy student types. Ive been in GAME only to buy PSN/Steam wallet top ups as you can get them as low as £5. Any actual gamers would never pay thier insane prices for preowned or use thier laughable trade in values to trade games in. Luckily theres a CEX across from it that offers far better preowned/trade value and if I want to buy new I just jump on the bus to Grainger Games. With GAME as a company thats been treading water for the past couple of years, news like this is really suprising. Especially if it becomes commonplace within the company...



Zombie_Barioth said:

Probably, I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft offered to cut them a break on used games in exchange for promoting the Xbox big time. Wouldn't be surprised if they try the same thing at Gamestop and other prominent retailers.



Sanquine said:

@Wesker Jep, the UK i like the country but the way they drive bothers me ( Left side of the road got an accident there because out of habbit i drived on the right side.) and North America... Well they buy american products above all even when other products are better... And don't forget the idiocy with guns allowed there. Still scares me.



rastamadeus said:

Wonder how long they'll stay open when Xbox One launches. Odd how Microsoft are going to attempt to kill second hand games and then team up with a store who makes the majority of its money on second hand games. You have to wonder who makes the Microsoft decisions sometimes.

The Game by me (Southport) is alright, you know? Nice people, actually know what they're talking about. And whenever a new games comes our with a special edition and someone hasn't claimed their pre-order they give out the bonuses. For example I got a secondhand Persona 4 Arena and the vinyl plus on Monday I got the Ellie special edition of The Last Of Us when paying just the £40 for my normal copy of the game.



Weskerb said:

@Sanquine Yeah. Sometimes the dominance of the 360 gets exaggerated on the internet because the internet is 80% English and 360 is boss in English speaking countries. But, the 360 is the PS3's little harlot in Europe, Asia and South America. Fair enough, those markets aren't so big but it all adds up.



Sanquine said:

@Wesker But why is it king in english speaking countries? Do you guys have such a bad taste... I dropped the xbox like a hot patatoe after i saw them taking a casual route



Weskerb said:

@Sanquine In the UK? It's the cheapest way to play COD and FIFA. And their online community took off much faster than Playstation's making Xbox 360 the go to place for playing COD and FIFA online with your friends.



Volmun said:

bit sad tbh... and concerning... as in what if the other shops slip the same way... im in Cornwall thers not menny GAME shops i can get to easily i just hope its a one off promo...

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