Pull out your favourite salt shaker and prepare to toss a hefty helping all over your keyboard, because the rumourmongers are out in force today. PS4Daily is reporting that developers will have access to 7GB of the PlayStation 4’s total 8GB GDDR5 RAM for games, with the remaining 1GB being reserved for the console’s operating system.

The site fails to name a source, merely mentioning that the snippet was confirmed by a “PS4 developer”. Still, the figure seems plausible, with the next generation console promising a wealth of social features that will need access to a large pool of memory in order to operate efficiently. Just Add Water’s head honcho Stewart Gilray mentioned in a recent interview that you’ll be able to access all of the machine’s functions in-game.

It’s perhaps worth remembering that 7GB GDDR5 RAM is still an enormous figure. For comparison purposes, the PlayStation 3 currently boasts 512MB RAM (not the super-fast kind, mind), with around 50MB of that being used by the console’s operating system. Meanwhile, the Wii U includes 2GB RAM, with approximately half of that reserved for the system’s functions.

According to Gilray, the original PS4 development kits only featured 4GB GDDR5 RAM, so developers will still end up with more memory than they originally anticipated. “We were told [the PS4] was 4GB," he explained. “When they said 8GB it was like, 'Okay.'"

[via ps4daily.com]