You’ll be able to rip the cellophane off Media Molecule’s next title Tearaway on 22nd October in North America and 25th October in Europe, the Guildford-based studio has announced. The innovative PlayStation Vita platformer takes advantage of a slew of the handheld’s unique input interfaces in order to create a tactile world that’s, well, made of paper.

The title will allow you to take control of either Iota or his plucky pal Atoi – both of which will be featured on the pack shot. Brilliantly, the developer’s confirmed that the cover will be totally reversible, allowing you to share your protagonist preferences with your friends and family.

We’ve included a video with lead designer Rex Crowle below, in which he discusses some of the inspirations behind the game. Sadly, you’ll have a hard time focusing on what he’s got to say – that colourful hoodie’s both daringly stylish and dreadfully distracting at the same time. Still, the game looks stunning, doesn't it?