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Hi, I'm Morgan from Nintendo Life! =)

Tue 24th April, 2012

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zipmon commented on Review: Tales of Xillia (PlayStation 3):

Awesome review Katy! :D It'll be a while before I get to play this (I still have to start Ni No Kuni! =O) but I'm really looking forward to it! Looks absolutely beautiful and the new battle system sounds like a blast!



zipmon commented on Talking Point: Sony Must Solve the PlayStation...:

I'm just scraping by with a 4GB card by playing FFIX & Klonoa over Remote Play instead of on the card, and even then I'm pretty much full! I'd love to have a bigger card, but I definitely won't be upgrading until the price comes way down on the 16 or 32gb cards.



zipmon commented on Interview: Dipping into Guacamelee! with Drink...:

Awesome! This was on a demo Vita in Target the other day and I really liked what I got to play! Love the style, and the soundscape too - I looked like a crazy person holding the tethered Vita up to my ears to hear it through the store noise.



zipmon commented on Review: Okami HD (PlayStation Network):

@odd69 If you are dead set on a disc, it's been released as a physical package overseas; the Asia-region version of the game has English text and you can get it at Play Asia for less than the cost of a normal PS3 game atm! (It's like the Journey collection though, in that you still have to install it from the disc to play.)

I wanted a disc too so I did some research, but I ended up just downloading it. :)



zipmon commented on Review: Okami HD (PlayStation Network):

Awesome review Katy!! :) I haven't played any version of Okami before, but the gorgeous art style's always tempted me - so I just picked this up! Can't wait to dive in!