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Guerrilla Games Details the Lighting Technology in Killzone: Shadow Fall

Posted by Sammy Barker

You may need a guidebook

We’re going to be perfectly honest: a lot of what Guerrilla Games’ senior technology programmer Michael Drobot has to say about Killzone: Shadow Fall in the video embedded below goes way over our head. Still, the presentation – recorded by Polish website GRYOnline – offers an interesting snapshot at some of the technology being employed by the upcoming PlayStation 4 launch title.

Speaking at the Digital Dragons industry gathering in Krakow, Drobot detailed how the Dutch developer is using ray tracing techniques to create real-time reflections in the next generation shooter. Even if you’re like us and don’t really understand the specifics of what’s being discussed, it’s still always fascinating watching a scene come to life through the addition of various visual filters.

Earlier in the year, Guerrilla Games revealed that it has already completed work on an alpha version of Killzone: Shadow Fall's single player, and is now spending much of its time refining the experience ahead of the title’s launch later this year. Are you looking forward to the sequel? As always, let us know in the comments section below.


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charlesnarles said:

"More suited to still images or tv effects than real-time games"
I suppose PS4 just has enough RAM to render it on the spot. Dang! Reminds me of the red ball from Fallout 3's intro - everything else will look worse after this lol



get2sammyb said:

@charlesnarles Considering Guerrilla's pedigree, I wouldn't bank on that. I wouldn't be surprised if this game blows everything away visually for some time — especially seeing as most third-party titles seem to be adopting the cross-platform approach.



charlesnarles said:

@get2sammyb pardon my sloppy American diction, I meant that previous tech will look amateur compared to this new fancier looking game. Meant it as a positive thing. I love tinkering with GPUs, so I thought it was a cool idea to try out.



Ginkgo said:

Fascinating insight into how modern games render all their lighting effects. Being able to do all that in real time is quite impressive. Excited for the PS4.

As people have said before, what people can do now with the PS3 (eg. Beyond two souls) compared to what they did at in the early years is amazing. If Shadow Fall is the start for the PS4, what people will be doing in 5 years time is truly exciting.

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