Killzone: Shadow Fall 1

Killzone: Shadow Fall’s single player campaign has been playable from start to finish for a “couple of months”, game director Steven ter Heide has revealed. Writing on Twitter earlier this morning, the Guerrilla Games employee stated that he was taking advantage of the quiet time in the office to play through the solo component of the PlayStation 4 exclusive.

“Quiet Saturday morning in the office,” he teased. “Starting my [Killzone: Shadow Fall] campaign playthrough.” Asked if the component was finished in a basic form, ter Heide added: “Has been for a couple of months. Had [a] couple [of] playtests already. Getting better every time.”

Unable to resist the temptation of further hints, the developer later noted: “Just played through an awesome encounter. Game is really starting to come together. Can’t wait to show you more.” Alas, that won’t be during next week’s GDC, as ter Heide claims that the studio is “too busy” to attend the event.

The first-person spin-off is set to launch alongside the PS4 later this year. The fact that the campaign is finished so early should give the developer plenty of time to polish the adventure. It'll also allow it to turn its attention to multiplayer, which according to ter Heide, is getting a big internal playtest next week.

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