Controversial industry analyst Michael Pachter believes that Microsoft will "deliberately trash” the PlayStation 4 during its own next generation announcement event in order to give the impression that its console is stronger. With details regarding Sony’s impending machine readily available, the outspoken Wedbush Securities employee insinuated that the Xbox manufacturer will use the information to its advantage.

“Sony announced [the PS4] on 20th February, and Microsoft’s probably going to [reveal the next Xbox] sometime around late April to early June,” he said on the latest episode of his GameTrailers show, Pach-Attack. “So, Sony has at least a two month head start, and it’s going to get a lot of press. That’s great. The only thing that anyone’s going to think about is how great the PS4 is for two months.”

He continued: “But then Microsoft’s going to announce, and I think it’s going to very deliberately trash the PS4. I think they’re going to say, ‘Whatever Sony did, ours is better.’ I don’t know if that’s true, but I think Microsoft’s going to say it. And then they’ll have a couple of months, during which time Sony’s going to [defend the PS4]. Ultimately, you’re going to be highly educated about [both systems] by the time that E3 rolls around.”

Pachter was responding to a question regarding the timing of the next Xbox's announcement. He concluded that the delay won’t result in much of an advantage for the PS4. “Come holiday, you’re going to be able to make a decision about which machine you want,” he added. “As far [as Microsoft losing some of the market], that’ll only happen to people who pre-order [the PS4] early. Fortunately, I don’t think the pre-order numbers are going to be [particularly high]. I think they’re going to be half a million. It’s not going to be many.”

Comparisons between Microsoft and Sony’s systems are naturally going to be made by the media and consumers, so we’re not sure that either manufacturer needs to come out and make those observations directly. Do you agree with Pachter that Microsoft will attempt to belittle the PS4, and what impact will it have on you if they do? Let us know in the comments section below.