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Thu 27th Dec 2012

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fishwilson commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair on the Vita.

Edit. Vow after reading through everybody's comments there really isn't much excitement going on in gaming atm. Like nothing at all. Guess this is the right time to burn through that backlog that built while I was lost in Dragons Dogma, fantasizing about a pawn ai that while still being pretty cool is not all that we though it could be at the time.



fishwilson commented on TGS 2016: Revisit Resident Evil 7's Free PS4 D...:

Hm just watched that brand new trailer and well eh...meh. Character models are awful, it's dark and probably going to be very disorienting in VR. So far it's not looking very promising. But still I'm kinda intrigued. Have to try out that demo soon. And for anyone who wants that old school RE feel you might want to give Revelations 2 a try, it worked for me, I had a blast playing it trough.



fishwilson commented on Feature: Everything You Need to Know About PS4...:

@Major-Zero yeah i know. Push Square has been acting really biased since the Neo first was announced, and there is no reason to be very happy with what is happening to consoles right now even if they are a "pro" Sony site. I'm starting to doubt their integrity too.

Hopefully nobody buys into this idiotic idea and leave the ps4 pro to collect dust on store shelves.

Just think about this: why should I have a feeling of playing an inferior version of a game even though I'm playing it on a current gen console, just because some idiots released a new version of said console three years into its lifespan? Stupid, stupid, stupid.



fishwilson commented on Feature: Everything You Need to Know About PS4...:

It's no longer the "exact" same game when the textures are improved. If that was how this thing worked we might as well still be playing games on our ps2's. This upgraded console thing is just really stupid and hopefully will die along with the whole "remaster" shenanigans. I don't know what Sony or Microsoft were thinking when they first hatched this idea but it smells of desperation and being clueless to why people buy consoles in the first place.

It's not that I can't afford a 4K tv or a $399 console every other year. It's just that I can't see anything good coming from this "modern" way of thinking. I would rather call this a step backwards into pc territory and not a move foreward for consoles.

So in a couple of years when we get the PlayStation pro ultra slim whatever, the game makers have to release three different optimized versions of the same game? Yeah I see that one gonna happen. Now that it takes from 3+ years to develope a triple A game title, how many triple A' s will we get pr. generation?
And if the trend with upgraded consoles continues, when will there ever be a ps5, so that developers can move away from the restrictions of having to run the game on the ps4 architecture?

To me this upgraded console thing, like the remaster thing, is a cancer to an already dying business and to turn it around I don't think this is the way to go at all.

The reason mobile games are thriving is because they are plentiful, easy to develope, accessible and affordable. That's also why handhelds like the vita and 3ds are getting lots of games and original content while the ps4 has gotten one real AAA title in 3 years (uncharted 4), and just a whole bunch of ports, multiplatforms and remasters.

And since the ps4 and xbone are more or less pc's in a box now they might as well just be pc's with Sony and Microsoft branding running Linux or Windows or whatever. And that might just be as well.

As it now stands the Nintendo NX might be the consoles last stand. Let's keep our fingers crossed </rant>

Edit. And just for the record. The reason I mention triple A content is because that's the only content that really needs that extra power or are gonna make use of it. Every other small developer just don't have the resources to produce that kind of content and would rather make games for the vita, 3ds or mobile.



fishwilson commented on PS4K Is Codenamed Neo, Has Upgraded Specs, Wil...:

This move, if it's actually going to happen, might spell the death of home consoles as we know them. I feel like this is just the next step towards a complete pc dominated platform for gaming on the big screen. In the future we will have whatever Nintendo is doing, mobile and a gaming console/pc with upgradable components....and that doesn't really sound that bad. The transition might get a bit ugly though, with multiple versions of the same console.



fishwilson commented on Here's the Map from Red Dead Redemption's PS4 ...:

As with all recent rockstar games RDR just didn't do it for me, the beginning was fantastic but midway through the Mexico missions things went south and stayed there. In the end I just didn't care and finished it just to be done. I think a revolution need to happen within rockstar for me to ever care about their games again. It was better than GTA V but that ain't saying much as GTA V was a piece of xxxx. The world was fantastic but story, missions and characters dreadful.



fishwilson commented on Talking Point: Would You Buy an Upgraded PS4K?:

The whole idea of upgraded consoles just seems off to me. So now they are turning the PlayStation into a pc? What's the point in having different platforms at all, why not just go full on pc and be done with it? This rubs me the wrong way. Maybe they should consider shorter console cycles instead? But when games take 10 years to develope, that too will obviously be a problem....

But if the rumors are true it's probably to get the VR to run properly and that is acceptable if they also lock whatever extra resources to VR only, that way they don't need to split the user base and most things should be fine. By me at least. And I'll probably buy it for the VR then in a couple of years or so.



fishwilson commented on Talking Point: What Does E3 2014 Tell Us About...:

In my two years+ of owning the Vita I have played one game on it. And that game was Gravity Rush. And even if its the only game I'll ever play on my Vita I still won't regret buying it. But its kind of sad that a handheld with so much potential don't get the games it deserves.



fishwilson commented on Child of Light Points a Beacon in the Directio...:

If I just could tear myself away from Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen, my Vita would get so much love right now, and this one is obviously a must play too. But alas I'm stuck out on bitterblack isle, probably for months to come still.



fishwilson commented on Weirdness: Sony's Opinion of Portable Gaming P...:

But whatever anyone says the Vita is still the only console that plays Gravity Rush and for that you have to own one. Its that good. Only other portable game that comes close to this one in amounts of sheer innovation I can think of must be "the World Ends with You" on the DS.



fishwilson commented on Be a Hater with Eight Minutes of inFAMOUS: Sec...:

I used to be kind of interested I'm this game for a while because of how cool the city looked and stuff but after seeing this video I almost lost all and any interest I had before. Is this really representative of how the gameplay will be? It just looked so cheap, boring, generic and unimagnitive. Hope it proves me wrong as the re-creation of Seattle still appeals.



fishwilson commented on Feature: Three Reasons Why You Should Skip the...:

I will hold on to my original OLED Vita, but I'll probably get this one or maybe the next revision (there will be another one, just wait and see) too. Will it happen that developers now will start making games optimized for the new LCD screen and not the old OLED? As you can't adjust colors on the Vita, this might or might not be a future problem if the differences of the screens are as big as some might say.



fishwilson commented on Hardware Review: PlayStation 4 - For the Players:

ps4 sounds like an awesome piece of hardware and remote play is a godsend for those long jrpg sessions, but so far there are absolutely not a single game announced that says "buy me now!" to me. So I will probably not get one before FFXV comes out. And there are still so many PS3 games I have to play before I shut that one down: the last of us, gta5, beyond, lightning returns, gran turismo 6 and persona 5 are only tip of the iceberg and then there are some backlog still to finish. I probably won't need a new console before 2015...



fishwilson commented on Sony Saw Sense and Ditched Asymmetrical Sticks...:

Xbox360 controller sticks I can use, but those buttons.....they are really eating into my thumbs after a while. The DualShock has always been a nice allround controller so I'm glad they kept it that way. It just works.



fishwilson commented on EDGE Reckons That PS4 Has A Power Advantage Ov...:

My strategy seems to be to buy all the consoles in a generation as they drop in price and the exclusives gets to tempting to bare.

And I guess I'll be doing that this generation too but I for one wish the Xbox One and the PS4 where equal in performance so that the multiplatform games don't suffer too much in development and we get optimized versions for both platforms without sacrificing too much either way. Some games work better with xbox controller and others with ps3's and some games only work on the WiiU.

Freedom of choice.



fishwilson commented on Polyphony's Yamauchi: Gran Turismo 6 Is "About...:

"but in terms of CPU performance, the PS3's Cell chip, while difficult to handle, is really capable". What is it that he's really saying? That the ps3 still have some juice to offer those who are capable and that there should still be life left in that old dog? Seems like it took more than 7 years for the devs to really handle the ps3's cell architecture, and look at the games we have been getting in what is presumably the ps3's last year: The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, GTA V, FFXII: Lightning Returns and GT 6. Thats a pretty strong line up for any console and I have to wonder how many years it will take for the PS4 to reach these heights...Makes me a little bit sad that this is the end of the line for number 3.

But of course I'm also really looking forward to the PS4 launch, and as its supposed to be easier to program for, a lot of great game experiences in the next couple of years.



fishwilson commented on Reaction: Sony Has Outwitted Microsoft at Ever...:

the Vita is such a nice console with such sweet hardware specs it will last for years to come, there is no rush. I think the Vita has at least 5-7 years of life in it and with the "play all ps4 games remotely" function I think more and more people will want it as it gets cheaper and cheaper as the years go by.
I'm quite happy if we get 5-10 real triple A titles on the Vita each year from now, there are just so many (great) games to play on all consoles right now its overwhelming if you want to complete them all w/o resorting to gamefaq's and stuff which I don't.
The Vita will live on, its not dead.



fishwilson commented on Talking Point: Sony Must Solve the PlayStation...:

And its really sad too as the Vita otherwise is a great system as the psp was before it. I'm more and more drawn to handheld gaming these days and while the 3ds is great I think there should be room for a powerhouse handheld device like the Vita too not only android tablets. Yes I'm stuck with the 4 GB and its full and I have to remove stuff to buy new games from the network, its not ideal. While my 3Ds is purring along w/ 32 Gb in its belly and lots of room for eshop games and demos.



fishwilson commented on Talking Point: Is Time Gaming's Greatest Handi...:

yeah my backlog pile is getting to kind of humongous sizes and growing, and its not getting better that I have started to replay games I already finished 10 to 15 years ago. Like the other day I played through the whole of FFIX and the game was almost completely new to me because of all the time that has passed. And I want to play at least the first three silent hill and resident evil games through again as it has been such a long time and then there are series where I want to play the latest game in the series, but also want to play all the games that came before first like the Star Ocean series and the Atelier series and I'm just halfway through Etrian Odyssey II and they are so great I want to finish all of them in order. And I recently played through Yakuza 1-4 so I am prepared for the next games in the series whenever it is they hit Europe. (And its good I do not try to platinum my games, cause there are lots and lots of stuff to do and I like to do stuff in games already as it is.)

Not to even begin on the remakes and re-issues and handheld and HD-versions of games I have already finished. Like ICO and Shadow of the Colossus and Metal Gear Solid; the Twin Snakes and Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 which came in two versions on the PS2 (regular and FES) and then another one on the PSP with some different content, and the 3D remakes of FF III and IV on the DS. And Project Zero: Deep crimson Butterfly and on and on and on.

And then there are games like FF XII and Xenoblade Chronicles that you can just play forever (and Monster Hunter too I have heard). Thank God I'm not so hot on online gaming (yet) it would have been the end of me, have to wait till I get really old and have stopped working my day job or something.

And the fact is I really like to take my sweet time with a game, like actually really play with it, try out lots of stuff and just enjoy it, the sights the sound, the stories, the play mechanics and clever stuff that goes on. I don't want to play a game just to finish it so that I can start another game and that conflicts a lot with having so many games that I want to play and limited time.

Another thing is that if I really start on a game, investing more than a couple of hours on it, then that game have to be really really bad for me to not try to finish it and when I don't like to use faq's for games I haven't finished at least once....well it can take some time sometimes to get through.

And then there are games that are so good that you just have to play them more than once. And games that have different endings. And games where your different play style will make for a totally different game each time you play. And games that are short but super addictive.
And unlockables which you get only after you have finished the game at least once.

So with all the games piling up its important to remember that gaming is something you do because you really want to play and enjoy and not something you do just to finish another one of life's chores.

And the backlog is actually not only games but there are also movies, music, anime, manga, comics, books, tv shows......

And on that note I'll just wonder how it is to be a game reviewer knowing finishing games (and having deadlines) is part of your job?
Very good article btw. Its getting more and more clear that its time we need not money.



fishwilson commented on Pachter: Microsoft Will 'Deliberately Trash' t...:

@TheRealBatman Its not that I don't want them. I do want a next-gen console. What I am trying to say is that I want ONE next-gen console. I bought the Wii and the 360 and the PS3 for the exclusives, but I would rather just buy one and get ALL the games on that one. Now its like when I want to buy a game that is not exclusive to one console I first check which consoles version got the most favorable reviews, then I think about which controller would fit the best and then I buy that version which I think will be the best fit. I rather not have that anymore, I think competition is healthy in a marked dominated economy but I also think we are at some kind of crossroad with the big games getting rather expensive to produce, port and marked and I can see some benefits in getting rid of one of the three big players in the console field.