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Sweet Tooth Celebrates Birthday with Twisted Metal Bundle

Posted by Sammy Barker

Squashed tomatoes and gloop

Twisted Metal’s excellent PlayStation 3 reboot is officially a year old this week, and Sweet Tooth is planning to commemorate the event by washing his polka dot pants. Apparently, they’ve got a bit messy over the past 12 months – we’ve told him to be careful where he squirts the strawberry sauce.

While the killer clown’s laundry is of little interest to you, you may be more concerned with the franchise’s recently announced sale. Starting today and running for one week only, you’ll be able to pick up Twisted Metal (PSone), Twisted Metal 2 (PSone), Twisted Metal: Black (PS2), and the aforementioned PS3 entry for just $39.99 from the PlayStation Store. As series creator David Jaffe points out: “That’s a lot of depraved vehicle combat for very little cash.”

If you don’t want the full set, each title will be available at a slashed price point, too. Excuse us while we stock up on gasoline and grenades – we’ve got a tournament to win.


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Dr_Salvador said:

My favourite is TM 2, but the PS3 reboot is easily second best!
(Haven´t ever tried Small Brawl though...)



Jaz007 said:

I absolutely loved TW2 so I can't wait to pick up the first one. Waited a long time for it to become available.



Dr_Salvador said:

@Jaz007 - The first TM was not nearly as good as TM2, but if your a fan you gotta have them all, right!
Also the final stage in TM is kind of a signature stage that has been in all other TM games, but in new variations!



Knux said:

Nice, too bad I can't get the bundle since I already have Twisted Metal 2. I'm still thinking about downloading the others though.



Gamer83 said:

Already downloaded 2 and Black when they first hit the PS Store, been a long time since I played the original but I may buy that one as well. It was the first PSone game I played and though it's probably mostly nostalgia taking over here, the game is still one of my favorites. 2 was one of those cases though where a good concept was taken to the next level in a huge way and resulted in what I still consider the best in the series, though Black is a damn close second. Didn't really love last year's reboot unfortunately, it was a good game but the racing segments got on my nerves, could've been much better if it just stuck to being Twisted Metal.



Kage_88 said:

I tried Twisted Metal PS3...but it bored me to tears. It looked ugly, was brainless, and helped support my opinion that David Jaffe is a loud-mouthed hack.

...Still, my brother loves this series. Different strokes and all that, eh?

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