Looking for all Exospine locations in Stellar Blade? Exospines can be obtained from red, cube-like crates around the world of Shift Up's console debut, and each has a unique trio of combat buffs. These can be upgraded using in-game resources to further enhance their capabilities, and later on in the game Eve will be able to equip two at a time. On this page, as part of our Stellar Blade guide, we're going to reveal all Exospine locations.

Where Are All Exospine Locations in Stellar Blade?

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There are a total of 12 Exospines to discover in Stellar Blade, each featuring unique buffs and abilities which enhance Eve's capabilities, depending on your personal playstyle and approach. You can also find upgraded, Mk2 versions of all Exospines in New Game +. All of the locations are listed below, as divided by location:

All Eidos 7 Exospine Locations

All Wasteland Exospine Locations

All Matrix 11 Exospine Locations

All Great Desert Exospine Locations

All Spire 4 Exospine Locations

What Do All Exospines Do in Stellar Blade?

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If you're wondering what all of the Exospines in Stellar Blade do, we've listed out all 12 below, alongside their unique in-game descriptions and upgraded combat buffs. Please note, enhanced Mk2 versions of the Exospines available in New Game + provide more powerful statistical buffs.

Beta Trance-Type Exospine

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Exospine specialised in improving Beta Skills.


  • Increases Beta Energy recharged by 12%.
  • Attack Power of Beta Skills increases by 12%.
  • Successful Beta Skill hits have a chance to place you in a Trance. Beta Skills won't consume Beta Energy in Trance mode.

Official Description

Tetrastar's quantum semiconductors unfortunately had very poor yields. Exospine modules were expensive, so their quantity was limited. However, thanks to its marketing as a luxury item, they were able to build the image of an expansion device that differs from gear modules.

Burst Trance-Type Exospine

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Exospine specialised in improving Burst Skills.


  • Increases Max Burst Energy by 600.
  • Increases Burst Skill Attack Power by 30%.
  • Recharges Burst Energy by 50 when Combo Attacks at Level 4 or above are used.

Official Description

The Final War became a hellish all-out battle, and Mother Sphere requisitioned all the corporate infrastructure of "humanity". Most of the bizarre equipment planned and produced at that time was lost when we were pushed off to the orbit. Things like the Exospine that ignored design philosophy and focused only on improving combat capability.

Camouflage-Type Exospine

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Exospine specialised in stealth movement and execution.


  • Decreases enemies' field of view.
  • Increases melee Attack Power by 17.5% for 10 seconds upon successful execution.
  • Retores 15% of Max HP upon a successful execution.

Official Description

As with the gear module, exospine modules provided innovative features with the launch of improved models. It meant it was reborn as a true AI upgrade device. However, no engineers from Eidos Company or Tetrastar could understand the neural code built into the devices. This was because it wasn't written by humans in the first place.

Chain-Type Exospine

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Exospine specialised in improving combo attacks.


  • Increases Attack Power of Combo Attacks Level 2 or higher by 27%.
  • Crit. Damage increases by 23%.
  • Increases Crit. Rate of Combo Attacks Level 4 or higher by 30%.

Official Description

Gear modules provided a successful custom experience, but their performance was limited. As a result, Eidos Company worked with its partner Tetrastar in order to produce low-level APIs and devices for higher-level modding. The motto for development was "Change everything that can be changed".

Eagle-Eye-Type Exospine

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Exospine specialised in improving ranged attacks.


  • Ranged Attack Power increases by 10%.
  • Increases the max capacity of all owned ammo.
  • Has a set chance of recovering ammo from successful hits when an attacking an enemy's weakness from a distance.

Official Description

Introducing the exospine module, an innovative and powerful expansion device. Does it look hostile? The exospine module employs Tetrastar's ultra fine quantum nerves that are designed to effectively extend artificial intelligence and capabilities.

Grenadier-Type Exospine

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Exospine specialised in improving Combat Consumables.


  • Increases the Damage and Effect of Combat Consumables. Powerful Naytibas are not affected.
  • Increases the Area of Effect of Combat Consumables.
  • Combat Consumables deal increased Damage and have a greater Effect upon hitting enemies from behind.

Official Description

During the final war, the lack of supplies forced engineers to gather whatever scraps and broken gears they had to create new gear modules or exospines. Though it seemed foolish to do so, the engineers had no other options out in the field. They simply didn't have time to wait for the new equipment to drop from orbit while they fought swarms of monsters.

Impact-Type Exospine

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Exospine specialised in combat against multiple enemies.


  • Crit. Rate increases by 9.5%.
  • Unleashes unstable energy when enemies are dealt a Critical Hit. Unstable energy deals chained Damage to nearby enemies.
  • Unstable energy deals more chained Damage.

Official Description

Quantum nerves built into the exospine module can affect an AI's subconscious. It's no exaggeration to say that it's buried deep inside your brain. Allegations of wiretapping, implementing backdoors, and AI manipulation by mega-corporations have all been raised, but the media has surprisingly not shown the slightest interst.

Judgement-Type Exospine

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An Exospine that's specialised in Tachy Mode performance.


  • Tachy Energy Charge increases by 15%.
  • Tachy Energy consumption decreases by 15%.
  • Manually leaving Tachy Mode damages nearby enemies and Downs them.

Official Description

The war with Naytibas involved a lot of sacrifices. The appearance of equipment with asymmetrical performance used for suicide missions is said to be proof of this. Many Legion soldiers most likely died while wearing Exospines, yellowing out the name of Mother Sphere. It's unclear whether they were praising or cursing her.

Protection-Type Exospine

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Exospine specialised in survivability.


  • Damage received from enemies decreases by 10%.
  • Shield's Protection Level increases by one at maximum.
  • Has a chance to restore HP for 5 seconds while Guarding or Parrying when HP is 20% or less.

Official Description

In the autumn of 2050, at the Eidos Keynote, CEO Raphael Marks introduced the latest exospine module and praised himself, saying, "We have started making our own teachers, who in turn make even better teachers, and adjust and replaced them according to our tastes." Mother Sphere? She was watching the scene in real-time through the NETWORK.

Recovery-Type Exospine

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Exospine specialised in recovery ability.


  • All recovery effects increase by 10%.
  • Damage taken decreases by 11.5% for a while when a potion is used.
  • Recovers Beta Energy by 100 when a Potion is used.

Official Description

As humankind's manned Mars development plan was being pursued, adaptation, survival, and coping with extreme environments emerged as a hot topic. The extent to which the body's homeostasis was manipulated through the Exospine and the ability to recover, making people forget about pain, was considered great. The only known side effects were strange body sensations, recovery errors, and some known AI errors.

Reflex-Type Exospine

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Exospine specialised in guard and dodge.


  • Shield regenerates faster when using Guard.
  • Makes it easier to use Perfect Dodge.
  • Makes it easier to use Perfect Parry

Official Description

The deepening economic supremacy of mega companies, centred on value chain monopoly, sparked resistance. People were especially critical of the exospine module, saying it had "verichips". They would say that big companies, such as Eidos Comapny, Tetrastar, and Orca Aerospace Company slyly use and dominate machines to change human lives to fit their tastes.

Suppression-Type Exospine

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Exospine specialised in down ability.


  • Shield Penetration increases by 18%.
  • Downed duration of enemies increases.
  • Damage to Downed enemies increases by 18%.

Official Description

When it came to the latest Exospine, it became a hot topic after frequent enquiries were filed about defective devices, such as "I can hear the voice of Mother Sphere". It was said that the voice belonged to a very beautiful, slender girl, and whispered a thousand words. This was simply a bug and was soon fixed by an OTA update. Or was it?

How Do You Upgrade Exospines in Stellar Blade?

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Exospines can be upgraded at Repair Consoles found at Supply Camps or by speaking to Lily next to the Tetrapod. You'll need to use Nano Elements to upgrade Exospines, which can be found in most boxes or crates around the world, or purchased from D1g-g2r in Xion or the Wasteland.

Where Do You Find Mk2 Exospines and Gear in Stellar Blade?

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There are upgraded versions of all the Exospines listed above in New Game + mode of Stellar Blade. You'll find all Mk2 versions of the game's gear and equipment in the exact same locations as their standard versions. That means you can use our Walkthrough to discover them all. In almost all cases, the capabilities of the Mk2 Exospines are identical to their vanilla counterparts, although they do provide a greater overall statistical buff.

What Are the Best Exospines and Gear in Stellar Blade?

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The best Exospines in Stellar Blade will depend entirely on your personal playstyle. Each Exospine has a different focus, and you can mix and match up to two of them to unlock unique gameplay possibilities. It's difficult to say definitively which is the best Exospine, because it all depends on how you want to play and which specific statistics you want to buff. Our Best Builds for Eve guide can help you discover some different gameplay options, however.

Did you find this page including all Exospine locations in Stellar Blade helpful? Take a look at our Stellar Blade guide for much more, and let us know which Exospines you're personally using in the comments section below.