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Sucker Punch's inFamous: Second Son Electrifies PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Brave new world

Now we know why Sly Cooper developer Sucker Punch has been so quiet since releasing inFamous: Festival of Blood in late 2011. Game director Nate Fox took to the stage during Sony’s PlayStation Meeting earlier this evening to announce inFamous: Second Son, a brand new spin-off in the developer’s superhero series that's firing onto PlayStation 4.

It wasn’t clear how the title fits into Cole MacGrath’s narrative, but what was abundant from the first trailer is that the game will feature enough security cameras to make George Orwell shake. You can catch the first footage in the space below.

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Gamer83 said:

This game shot right to the top of my most wanted list. It's my favorite Sony exclusive franchise after MLB The Show and one of my favorites right now period. If we could get this and Killzone: Shadow Fall day one with PS4 that'd be awesome.



hamispink said:

The concept looks really cool, and I'm glad that Cole isn't the main character(for obvious reasons).



turtlelink said:

@IAmNotWill Same here. I won't be getting a PS4 for that, but when I do get one (if I ever do ) I'll totally get it. It looks really cool!



Trikeboy said:

Ahhh only a video that looks like it could be on the PS3. Not impressed.



hYdeks said:

This was the one game I was looking for them to announce, and they delivered. Sucker Punch is awesome!!!

I don't know, the game really looks more PlayStation 4 to me, it looks impressive, even if it is just a video



Stuffgamer1 said:

Can't tell from this trailer what it supposedly has to do with InFamous...need more details before I'm excited.



rjejr said:

It certainly looks like inFamous. Maybe this takes place in the original timeline before Cole gets old and comes back in time with the bomb? Or after the evil ending? Or after the good ending and this is all fallout from the aftermath?

Well its gotta be 1 of those 3.



ThreadShadow said:

Every Generation, they're supposed to create a new IP.
N64: Rocket Robot on Wheels -Sucker Punch
PS: Spyro the Dragon -Insomniac
PS: Crash Bandicoot -NaughtyDog

PS2: Sly Cooper -Sucker Punch
PS2: Ratchet & Clank -Insomniac
PS2: Jak & Daxter -NaughtyDog

PS3: infamous -Sucker Punch
PS3: Resistance -Insomniac
PS3: Uncharted -NaughtyDog

PS4: ?
PS4: ?
PS4: ?

Things have changed so much maybe they won't continue that trend.

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