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Mon 13th Oct 2008

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Fuzzy commented on Review: Mass Effect (PlayStation 3):

I would agree with this review, based on reviewing the game for people new to the series. I played this game on the 360 just after the 2nd game came out.

The story and characters are great, but some parts of this game are unrefined and a chore.



Fuzzy commented on Review: Okami HD (PlayStation Network):

I've enjoyed getting back into this game. It's a good length, but I think they dragged the story just a little too long (which they did for the sequel too, disappointingly). Rejuvenating an area full of flowers and colour never gets old.

Also forgotten how long and tedious the intro was. Surely they could have added a skip function.



Fuzzy commented on Review: Trine 2 (PlayStation Network):

A water level at the beginning of the trailer isn't the best way to get me interested.

Though i did like the look of the rest of the game. Will download the demo shortly.



Fuzzy commented on Japanese Sales Charts: Vita Dips Below 10k Units:

I just can't justify spending $350 on another console. It's not like I don't have the money, it's just that I can't see myself getting much use out of it for a while (learnt my lesson from the 3DS ).

As much as I'd like to play MHP3rd with Vita controls (and Rayman Origins), I'm going to wait for some more games to come out.



Fuzzy commented on Rayman Origins Vita Launch Trailer Hops Online:

Even though I've got this on PS3, I'd probably snap this up for cheap if I eventually buy a vita. Seems a great fit for a portable. And hopefully doesn't annoy me as much as the original did on my PSP.



Fuzzy commented on Sony Staying Focused with Australia's PS Vita ...:

I've seen GAME have been advertising it a bit. But JB's would probably be the way to go. Saying that, I'm not planning on buying one at launch, so haven't been following the prices over here too closely.



Fuzzy commented on Feature: Must-Have PlayStation 3 Games - Sammy...:

The intro of U2 is amazing. My fave of the series. Still really enjoyed 3. Not sure why people dislike it so much. Unrealistic expectations I guess.

God of War 1 is on my list to play soon, so hopefully will get to 3 eventually.

Also, getting Bayonetta soon too. But that will be on 360.