It’s been a long time coming, but it looks like the PlayStation 3 has finally overtaken the Xbox 360 in global shipments. A new report by the International Data Corporation – spotted by – estimates that PS3 figures reached 77 million units this past December, a tally greater than the Xbox 360’s still impressive 76 million units. That’s despite Sony’s system launching a year later than Microsoft’s machine.

If accurate, the PS3 will almost certainly go on to become the second best selling console of the generation, behind the Nintendo Wii. Sony revealed that it had sold 70.2 million units globally as of 30th September, but the budget priced 12GB system has proved particularly popular all over Europe this Christmas. Furthermore, the platform enjoyed a strong Black Friday period in North America.

While the proposed victory doesn’t mean much in the general scheme of things, it puts the PlayStation brand in a good position heading into the next generation. Sony’s dominance in European and Asian territories has really pushed it forward in recent years – it now needs to focus on winning back the North American and UK markets, too.