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The Last of Us Terrifies the PlayStation 3 on 7th May

Posted by Sammy Barker

Dead rising

The Last of Us will send the PlayStation 3 off in style when it launches on 7th May. The date was announced at the end of a jaw dropping trailer which showed off friendly civilisation for the first time. It seems there are a fair few people at the end of the world. There are also horses. Don’t believe us? Check out the footage embedded below.

Update: There's more The Last of Us information dropping this weekend. Visit the PlayStation Blog for the full lowdown.

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ShogunRok said:

Another amazing trailer. I love how Naughty Dog manage to show such professionalism in their work. So many trailers rely on shock value or ridiculously expensive CGI. Naughty Dog just slap some cutscenes together and let the game speak for itself.



Splat said:

Can we just go a head and name this GOTY and get it over with?



Gamer83 said:

Actually sooner than I expected and that's fantastic news. I thought we might be looking at an early fall release. Other good bit of news from this, I think it leaves open the possibility that Sony has bigger plans for next holiday season, hopefully PS4.



Gamer83 said:


I'd almost be ready to give it GOTY, don't want to completely rule out GTA 5 yet though, even if I found 4 to be a good but slightly disappointing game.

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