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North American PS Plus Returns to Rapture with BioShock 2

Posted by Sammy Barker

Up and ADAM

PlayStation Plus subscribers in North America will be able to enjoy an all expenses paid trip to Rapture this month, when BioShock 2 joins the Instant Game Collection. The controversial sequel – which is a lot better than you may have heard – will be accompanied by a 10 per cent discount on the Rockstar Games Collection, which bundles digital copies of Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, L.A. Noire, and Midnight Club: Los Angeles for just $53.99.

It doesn’t quite match Europe’s insane offering just yet, but North America likes to announce its content weekly rather than monthly. As such, community manager Morgan Haro promises that there’s plenty more in the pipeline. “Stay tuned to these updates throughout the month, and I think you’ll find that we’ll have plenty of content to match EU this December,” he noted in the comments section of the PlayStation Blog.


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Epic said:

Just few months before Bioshock Infinite I knew they give this games to create hype for IP's.



Knux said:

Oh sweet, this will be the perfect chance for me to play Bioshock 2!



Splat said:

I was hoping for Batman AC to be honest. I haven't played the first BioShock so I'm not sure if I will be getting this or not. Skyrim has been keeping me pretty busy plus Mass Effect finally comes out on PS3 tomorrow.



Ginkgo said:

@Splat Good luck dragging yourself away from Skyrim. Once it gets its hocks into you, it is very hard to leave. I think I went through mourning when I finally left it.



Samholy said:

never played the first bioshock,else than the demo. will i miss something ?



Splat said:

@Ginkgo - I have 80 hours in to Skyrim so you could say I'm hooked. It's the only game I have played since I got it. I plan on taking a break from it long enough to play Mass Effect though.



rjejr said:

My 2nd 1 year membership ends next month so I hope Haro is right about this month getting better. And by better I just mean caught up w/ the EU, it doesn't have to exceed it. Though in Sony's defense I did get this year for $15 at Target, which is making the $50 look high. I'ld jump back in for $25.



bauckster said:

Is it a bad idea to play Bioshock 2 before the original? I was wondering how connected the 2 stories are... (I know that this first is supposed to be better, and I do plan to play it but may wait until the free one that comes with Bioshock Infinite)

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