We’re not even going to waste our time trying to come up with superlatives to describe next month’s European PlayStation Plus update, because we reckon that the line-up will do the talking for us. From 5th December, premium members will be able to download Rocksteady’s excellent Batman: Arkham City free of charge. Subscribers will also secure the critically acclaimed puzzle platformer Limbo, and Shinji Mikami’s stunning Vanquish.

Over on PlayStation Vita, members will scoop up complimentary copies of Mortal Kombat, Knytt Underground, and Big Sky Infinity before Christmas. The latter two titles will support cross-buy, so will be fully playable on both platforms.

It’s worth noting that in order to make room for the new arrivals, a handful of titles will be leaving the Instant Game Collection. If you still haven’t added Crysis 2, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Double Dragon Neon, Chronovolt, and Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack to your download list, then you should rectify that as soon as possible.

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