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Square Enix Reveals Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Posted by Sammy Barker

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At an anniversary event in Japan overnight, Square Enix revealed Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The title – which was teased several weeks ago – will pick up directly after the events of Final Fantasy XIII-2, and will conclude protagonist Lightning’s story arc.

Once again, you’ll take control of the flame haired heroine, who’ll now be able to equip different weapons and costumes. The game will take place on Navus Partus, though additional details are frustratingly scarce.

The project’s being headed by Motomu Toriyama, who you can listen to talking about crystals in the video below. We wish we had more to share with you. Roll on Tokyo Game Show...


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Stuffgamer1 said:

The presentations that video skipped over did explain more about the game itself. I have a friend who was going on about it to me earlier...but I didn't think to ask for a link to what he was reading from. Seems the game has a cyclical time system reminiscent of Majora's Mask.

EDIT: Okay, this link will have to do for now:

Doomed world, events at specific time...seems unlikely you WON'T be able to start the timer over, eh?



NathanUC said:

[Maybe spoilers? probably not] I loved Lightning from 13 but lost some of that love in 13-2. Honestly, I'm a bit more interested in Caius and Noel's early life as Guardians. I feel as if I know everything there is to know about Lightning and while I'm excited for this title, I feel like she's already been milked for what she's worth in a way.



pikku said:

This is gonna be the best one yet! I cannot wait for this



Scrible said:

To dream hawk the WiiI will have dragon quest 9 online of course done by square

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