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Mon 19th Oct 2009

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zezhyrule commented on Black Ops 2 Sold 10,000 Copies in Five Minutes...:

I don't think CoD is the direction they should be going to try to sell the Vita. I know they're advertising it as a portable console with all the power of a home console, but most people who play CoD would much rather play on a nice big screen and with an actual controller. Portable consoles are an entire different thing from home consoles, if you start blurring the lines too much, then there's no reason to even get a Vita if you can play it in 1080p at home. Besides portability of course but, how many people walk around playing games? Maybe it is just me, I will stop ranting.



zezhyrule commented on Johann Sebastian Joust Is Finally Coming to th...:

Ah, all the music in the game is taken from Bach's Brandenburg Concerti. Not that there's any reason to do that besides game theme, because that awkward instrumentation and the fact that the tempo drastically changes makes it almost impossible to enjoy those amazing works! Oh am I missing the point



zezhyrule commented on Metal Gear Rising Demo Includes Free Copy of Z...:

"Metal Gear Rising Demo Includes Free Copy of ZoE HD"

So the demo includes a free copy of ZOE? o__o

If you mean that the MGR demo is included in the ZOE HD collection, then this is old news. But still funny how they did that n_n



zezhyrule commented on Sony's Japan Studio Announces Rain and Puppeteer:

Of course they use Clair de Lune on the Rain trailer, because there aren't any other impressionistic piano pieces that would be more fitting! Especially not ones that actually have something to do with water! No sir!

Just stick with the overplayed stuff, then you'll be safe. Good job Sony.