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Final Fantasy X is a Remaster Not a Remake

Posted by Sammy Barker


Despite conflicting reports to the contrary, Square Enix’s upcoming PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita based Final Fantasy X update is not going to be a full remake.

Producer Shinji Hashimoto clarified the situation in an interview at the Taipai Game Show:

It’s being developed like a remaster, but the visuals will be much more improved compared to the original game.

Colleague Yoshinori Kitase had previously said that the game would be a full remake of the PlayStation 2 original. That’s not the case, though; expect something more in line with Sony’s God Of War HD Collection.


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Yankeejer said:

I am okay with a remaster instead of a remake. FFX was one of the best Final Fantasy's and is certainly better than what has come out since its release. I am happy to have a portable version that I can play on my Vita.



Knux said:

I just want the Vita version so I can finally get a chance to play this game on a handheld!



Stine said:

Fine with me. That was what I expected, anyway. But gimme a release date! Or at least a release year... D:



zezhyrule said:

Did anyone ever assume it would be a remake? I always thought it would be just like any other HD remaster since the day it was announced. Even after all the remake rumors.



Cell said:

Me 2. Don't care for a remake. A nice opportunity to pull my FFX official strategy guide from the shelve again. Bought it after 3 playthroughs on the PS2 and then never used it XD



rjejr said:

Why would they even have to remake this? It's a great game, it looked great, and it's not even that old. If the PS3 had backwards compatibility how many people would even buy an HD "upgrade"? FFX was the singular reason I bought a PS2, but "Sphere", or whatever it was called, was the weakest side game I've never played through. FFX-2 is one of the worst games I've ever played. I wonder if that will get the HD treatment.
It would be hilarious if after all these "Remakes" the PS4 could play PS2 games. And you know it would be capable if only Sony would let it play them.



Noire said:

I'm convinced that if they're ever going to throw the time and resources at a remake, the game being remade will be Final Fantasy VII. Lord knows it could use a fresh coat of paint. :/



theblackdragon said:

@Phoenixborn: FFVI is far more overdue for some sort of enhanced remake than FFVII IMO, though on second thought idk if they'd be more likely to bring that kind of a project to the Vita or 3DS.



Noire said:

VI is definitely due for it too, I was just thinking on my arbitrary Sliding Scale of Ugliness that VII is far worse than VI as the sprites are still pretty. Though if they went the route that the IV Complete Collection did and really made some spectacular spritework for a VI remake, I could go for that first. Come to think of it, they could do a snazzy sprite-based update of VI AND a complete overhaul of VII on Vita. That'd be swell for me. ^__^

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