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Fri 3rd Feb 2012

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Yankeejer commented on PS3 Firmware Update v4.45 May Brick Your Machi...:

I am one of the victims. My Phat PS3 with 1 TB in it got bricked. I was going on the playstation store to try and download some games and was forced to update before I entered. When the update finished installing my PS3 has become useless. I have been trying to reformat the hard drive to erase everything and start again but it will not let me.



Yankeejer commented on PSone Compatibility Imminent on Vita:

I am looking forward to this coming. I am kind of in doubt that it will happen. I had originally expected it would come much closer to the launch of the Vita. But I sold my old PSP trusting that this would be a source for me to play the old PS1's



Yankeejer commented on Lumines Producer: Major Vita Games on the Way:

I would love a Tactics Ogre Sequel, another old style FFT sequel (Not like the GBA and DS), VC 4 (that is similar to the original and the not the PSP ones), and maybe all The PSone Classics and remaining PSP games that are not yet compatible.



Yankeejer commented on Feature: PlayStation 3 Retrospective - Part One:

I bought mine in 2009 as well. But that was my plan all along, once the price was more affordable.
I also have owned every Nintendo console, but will be skipping out on the Wii-U. I honestly just haven't heard anything that is a significant upgrade from the Wii. Besides I have played enough reiterations of Mario, Mario kart, smash bros, mario party to last a life time. Don't need another slightly improved knock off.



Yankeejer commented on Feature: PlayStation 3's Best Games:


I beg to differ. Valkyria Chronicles is far better suited for the PS3. The amazing artwork and vast sized maps, along with extensive voice acting made the game memorable. VCII on the PSP was anything but memorable. They dumbed down the story, butchered the artwork and made tiny little levels that you have to warp through flags. I am sorry, but I simply loved VC on the PS3 as one of my top 10 games of all time.



Yankeejer commented on Review: MLB 12 The Show (PlayStation 3):

I have this game on the Vita, and it has pleasantly surprised me. I have been a staunch EA MVP Baseball fan, back from their latest entry in 2005 (and this game still does not compare) but it satisfies the baseball fan part of me.



Yankeejer commented on Sony Bringing New PSP Colour to Japan:

I like it in the sense that it gives security to those who upgrade their systems later than others. Kind of like the support PS2 got when the PS3 came. I think they are still making PS2 games. Otherwise people feel cheated when a new system comes out, like they are left in the dust. If Sony really wanted to solve the problem they would make all PSP games available for download, and not at the cost of having to buy the same game twice.



Yankeejer commented on Sony: Early Vita Sales Data is "Very Positive":

Playstation seems to have the more patient 'wait until the console is ready before launching it' approach. The Microsoft/Nintendo counterparts are all about pushing the system out first to get to the fan base first. But I turned more and more away from both those companies and have come to appreciate Sony's game systems more and more. I got the Vita. There are not Vita games out that I want, but I have high hopes for the future and will play my classic PSP games on it until then.



Yankeejer commented on Talking Point: Sony's Bold Move with Vita Firs...:

I didn't order the first edition bundle, and I still got my Vita on Feb.13 in Canada. I heard there was a ton of other people that had the same thing happen to them. I ordered the $249.99 wifi model from

Great system by the way. The OLED is magnificent. Can't wait until the Vita starts developing good games.



Yankeejer commented on Review: Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PlayStation 3):

I totally agree with rjejr. Couldn't say it better myself. Its not that these new FF games are terrible, but I think I am expecting something else when they come out. There is something magical about the old FF games, and these new ones just don't have that magic.



Yankeejer commented on Sony: No UMD-to-Vita Transfer for North America:

I had planned for this happening. I had read that they were developing the passport program but that there would only be limited releases of UMD games available. Thankfully FF Tactics came onto the PSN recently and all the games I love were now available digital. I have a couple of UMD's, but they are kind of lame games. Besides, I bet PSN will still slowly release old PSP games for sale on the PSN; such as Crisis Core.



Yankeejer commented on Final Fantasy X is a Remaster Not a Remake:

I am okay with a remaster instead of a remake. FFX was one of the best Final Fantasy's and is certainly better than what has come out since its release. I am happy to have a portable version that I can play on my Vita.