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Wed 3rd Jun 2009

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Noire commented on Persona 4: The Golden Enriches Vita This Fall:

It includes a new character, as well as animated cut-scenes, an online rescue mode and more dialogue than the original.

Along with new attacks, new Personae, new areas to explore, new events, a new Social Link to go with the new character, redone backgrounds, new music, new costumes... so much NEW!



Noire commented on Dawnguard Storms Skyrim Later This Year:

Maybe it's a giant questline where the Dragonborn gets Dragon Pinkeye and has to scour all of Morrowind for Dragon Eyedrops except they're made from Snow Elf tears but you can't find any in Morrowind or Skyrim or Cyrodil or High Rock or maybe even the Black Marsh so he has to fight his way through Dagon's sphere of influence so he can get his damn Dragon Eyedrops. And random Mythic Dawn people are guarding them?

And there are crossbows. Because.



Noire commented on Rumour: Snow Elves to Feature in New Skyrim DLC:

DLC involving snow elves sounds cool. I'd like to delve more into their origins and what conspired to turn them into the blind goblin things they are now. It would be even cooler if they added the snow elves as a new race.

Crossbows are a plus too, but what I really want to see is spears. I find them especially elegant as a weapon and want my dark elf to wield one, heh.

Next DLC needs to either bring old areas like Cyrodil into the game or delve deeper into the Dwemer. They have all these ruins scattered around Skyrim but there's not a lot of info on them.



Noire commented on Skullgirls Release Date in Limbo:

I think it looks awesome and I will definitely be picking it up ASAP. I'm hoping it can hold me until August when Persona 4 Arena comes out.



Noire commented on Review: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (PlayStat...:

If we could get Poison in one of these MvC games then I might consider putting my grievances with Capcom aside for the moment. I know she's in Street Fighter x Tekken but I don't give a crap about anyone else in that game and I'm not spending $60 on a fighter with only one character I care playing. A Poison/Morrigan/Jill Valentine team though, sign me up~



Noire commented on Nippon Ichi Announces Trio of PS3 Exclusives:

Mugen Souls lets you kill with the power of moe, so there's that too.

I'll definitely be keeping an eye out on these titles. I really like the sound of the Witch and the Hundred Knights.



Noire commented on MonkeyPaw Kickstarts Class of Heroes II Locali...:

@Stuff: I think the most important part of this campaign is here:

Gaijinworks has been working closely with MonkeyPaw Games, laying the groundwork for licenses, expanding relationships with Japanese publishers, and setting up a structure that will allow us to test Kickstarter as a method to, well, kick start the US J-RPG market. Here is the chance to help grow the segment and prove that there is a market for great J-RPG games, regardless of the platform.

I think that's a pretty noble cause considering how many of these games never make the jump. I just feel like this is the wrong game to do it with. :/



Noire commented on Capcom Explains Resident Evil's Action Approach:

I understand there's a lot of revenue in the shooter market, but there's so much competition there how can you do anything but carve a tiny chunk out of it? You could try to go for the whole survival-horror genre and there's barely anything big-name going up against you. Silent Hill? Fatal Frame? I guess those are big too.

I want to give Capcom my money less and less every week. Then again, it seems Capcom doesn't care for my money nowadays anyways.



Noire commented on More Virtua Fighter Combatants Destined for De...:

Pai Chan's too pretty for Dead or Alive

We'll see how pretty she is ... after Hitomi punches her in the face repeatedly!

It's possible that won't happen, considering my terrible Dead or Alive skills and the fact that I don't know who Pie Can is.



Noire commented on Rumour: Tales of Xillia Heading to Europe:

I really hope they start localizing Tales games more consistently. There's few things as frustrating as being perfectly willing to throw money at a franchise and not being able to.



Noire commented on New Sonic 4: Episode 2 Screenshots Sprint Online:

I'm really excited to see how this one turns out. The level influences are still obvious but at least they don't look lifted wholesale. The ruined castle looks especially tantalizing; I hope there are some robotic suits of armor or something medieval-looking enemy-wise. All that plus Metal Sonic as a rival gives me high hopes for this one. I just hope he has more of a role than he does in CD. :3



Noire commented on Persona 4 Arena Bursting onto PS3:

This game is my most highly-anticipated game of the year. A fighting game developed by my personal favorite fighting game developer set in my favorite video game universe? It's like a match made in heaven. I just don't know who to main...

So far I've counted 11 characters though. Yu, Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko, Kanji, Teddie, Naoto, Aigis, Mitsuru, Akihiko, and Labrys. Then again Labrys just got leaked yesterday. o__o



Noire commented on First Assassin's Creed III Shots Hit the Net:

No taxation without assassination? Or maybe ... give me liberty or get an axe to the face?

I actually think this looks like an intriguing setting for a game. I might have to dust off all these AC games my brother has lying around and finally get up to speed.



Noire commented on Interview: thatgamecompany - Journey:

Push Square spoke to Jenova

When is the Reunion?

This actually really sounds cool ... I haven't ever played any of their games though. Maybe I should look into getting them.



Noire commented on Zone of the Enders HD Confirmed for Autumn:

I'm desperately anticipating this~

I played the first one a year or so ago; I was so disappointed when it ended because it was so good and I didn't want it to end. Never got to play the second one, and quite frankly the muddy PS2 graphics of the first one were a pain so it'll be nice to play this in HD and get my giant mecha fix.



Noire commented on Bethesda Staffing Up for Next-Gen Project:

I think it will be The Elder Scrolls: Fallout, where you have to play as the Lone Dragonborn in a post-apocalyptic Skyrim full of Draugr Ghouls and Giant Super Mutant Brutes with Mammoth Centaurs. Can't wait to play my mutated Dunmer in all-Tesla Ebony Armor, shoving my shotgun that shoots enchanted glass daggers down Radcrab throats.



Noire commented on Review: WipEout 2048 (PlayStation Vita):

Sounds like a must-have for me when I get that Vita. I have a soft spot for slick futuristic hyperfast-paced racers. They get my adrenaline rushing like nothing else. Those split-second decisions that nimbly edge your machine ahead of the one in front of you... I love it~<3



Noire commented on Fresh Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Gameplay Trailer Sp...:

I'm pretty excited. I really liked Sonic 4 despite the wonky jump physics (just took a little getting used to). And any Sonic game that eschews that obnoxious faker Shadow in favor of Sonic's true rival is A-OK in my book.