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Features: PlayStation Move Buyer's Guide

Posted by Nathan Michalik

What's worth your money?

Now you've got PlayStation Move you need some great games to go along with it. These are some of our recommendations here at Movemodo to help you pick out the best games for your gaming style. If you want more information on any of the games, click on the titles for our honest, in-depth reviews or check out our forums and ask our community what they think.


Eye Pet: Move Edition - EyePet is a game that allows you to play with a virtual pet using your hands or PlayStation Move. From teaching him new tricks to dressing him up, there is tons of family fun packed into this solid game.

DanceDanceRevolution - A new instalment in a classic series where gamers dance to a song using a mat with buttons, and now the PlayStation Move. Playing DDR with friends and family is sure to get everyone up and dancing to the catchy in-game songs.

The Sly Collection - The immensely popular series from PlayStation 2 is back and remastered for PlayStation 3 with Move support and stereoscopic 3D. Players take part in the adventures of a thievius raccoon named Sly Cooper in three beautifully cel-shaded games. This is a must-have for any fans, young and old, of platforming games.

Sports Enthusiast

Sports Champions - The first game to show off the PlayStation Move technology as well as introduce the idea of motion gaming for most PlayStation 3 gamers. Sports Champions allows you to play six different sports games such as Archery, Volleyball and Table Tennis on your own or with a friend. Chances are if you've received a PlayStation Move bundle you already have this game to enjoy, but for those of you sports fans who didn't get the bundle this is a solid game to pick up.

NBA 2K11 - The newest edition to the NBA 2K series brings a big name to the court: Michael Jordan. NBA 2K11 features a full game mode spanning memorable career moments from the "greatest of all time". Any hardcore fan of the NBA will relish this realistic and content-packed title, and with Move support you'll be able to play it unlike any basketball game you've played before. (Note: NBA2k11 is not compatible with the Navigation Controller.)

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 - Experience playing the world's mosts most famous golf courses from the comfort of your living room in Tiger Woods. HD visuals and robust online experiences combine with the feel of motion control to create the most immersive Tiger Woods PGA Tour golf experience to date making it perfect for any fans of golf.

Core Gamers

MAG - Experience a world of online warfare on an unprecedented scale, where 256 players take to the battlefield to win glory and the right to command their troops. Exclusive to PS3, this action-packed multiplayer madness is fully Move-compatible for extra accuracy on the battlefield. Are you officer material? Perfect for anyone who cant get enough online FPS action.

Resident Evil 5:Gold Edition - There's even more gripping third-person shooter-style action for solo, multiplayer or network play than before in Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition. The Gold Edition includes all previously released downloadable content as well as four new outfits. Adding Move support really immerses you in zombie-infested Africa with Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar. Any fans of survival horror and third person shooters should definitely consider this title. (Note: Resident Evil 5 is not compatible with Move, even with the expansions. Only the Gold Edition will support Move controllers)

The Fight: Lights Out - Use two PlayStation Move motion controllers to throw punches, bob, weave and stick in some dirty low blows, also boosting your fitness and staying in shape in this intense brawler. This title will keep you up all night training and beating opponents left and right. With a recent patch introducing many improvements, The Fight is more fun than ever and sure to please any fighting fan.

PSN Titles

Swords & Soldiers - Experience the ultimate edition of Swords & Soldiers in shiny HD through the PlayStation Network. Swords & Soldiers is originally a WiiWare title ported over to the PSN with added Move support and an online multiplayer feature. Using tower defence-style gameplay, gamers must lead their troops in the destruction of their opponents' army and base using spells and sheer brawn. This title will provide many hours of intense battles with excellent controls via the PlayStation Move, all at a great price.

Tumble - Stack blocks in tall towers to earn big scores using the PlayStation Move motion controller to accurately and precisely place objects with this easy to play, addictive and rewarding game. Tumble will help demonstrate just how accurate the PlayStation Move really is with an innovative and fun style concept of stacking blocks. With a plethora of game modes and multiplayer, Tumble is enjoyable for just about any type of gamer.

PAIN - Who wouldn't love to launch characters from a slingshot wreaking havoc on various environments? Well now you can! Load characters into a super-sized slingshot and launch them into active environments filled with funny situations. Score points by stringing together PAINful collisions and unleashing chaos in the environment. A simple but fun and addicting game, PAIN will appeal to gamers of any style and with Move, allow for the most immersive PAIN experience available, with improved depth perception and accuracy. Feel the Ooch!

Haven't got Move yet?

If you haven't taken the plunge and grabbed Sony's motion controller yet, don't worry, we have you covered with buyer's guides for that too. Our North American PlayStation Move buyer's guide and motherlode of European PlayStation Move information will have you covered with absolutely everything you need to know to get started.

Of course, we have a complete list of PlayStation Move reviews, and we'll continue to review every single game that uses Move in 2011 and beyond. Want to know what's on the way for the controller this year? Stay tuned for Move news, interviews and features right here at Movemodo.

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gamerdude74 said:

How do i get the patch for The Fight: Lights Out? I have an R3 version but received no notification for update...



NathanUC said:

Gamerdude74, if you are logged into the PSN, the update should start automatically when you launch the game. I know for sure the patch was released for the R1 and R2 copies. I don't see why R3 and R4 would be left out. For more information about the patch Click here



danschemen said:

the only 2 games i would buy them for is re5 and mag but since it would cost me $80 just to play them with the move. i think i'll be fine with controllers for now



lipnox said:

sly cooper is a great ps2 game ported to ps3 in hd, the move aspect is non existant...litterally its insulting the game says it uses move. the only aspect of move use is 4 mini games that arent even on par with the worst mini games you would find in mario party 8. overall sly cooper is great for the ps2 game but nothing thats been added since is any good.



lipnox said:

I think Move modo should stop talking about sly cooper, or start talking about kung fu live.



lipnox said:

The Fight UK version, and The Fight US version are totally different games using the same engine, UK version supports use of a dual shock controller and 1 move controller so you can properly move around the ring, and so you can play split screen without spending $150 on move wands that are only required for this 1 game. I would guess the UK version has been patched and the US version has not. Also eyepet completely sucks I dont know why anyone would recomend it to anyone considering the awkward camera placement alone. Also NBA 2k11 doesnt really have move support as all it is, is you waggling the move wand at the right time to get it in the net you are just waving your arms instead of pressing a button, and if you try to play it like basketball on wii sports 2 you will miss every single shot you dont time as if you were playing with a controller (also lack of navigation controller support, but required use of the dual shock with move.. its just a mess) this buyers guide is a peice of junk. a good buyers guide would be like, well every game except these 5 suck, if you've already got these games maybe a move wand and eye might be worth while, if you buy this game you need to have these controllers etc. this buyers guide sucks.



James said:

Hey lipnox, thanks for your comments.

We decided not to review Kung Fu Live as it doesn't use the PlayStation Move controller, just the Eye Camera, and that's not what we're about.

As for The Fight, I'm pretty confident the US version has been patched as many of our writers are from the US. However I'll let them confirm that for you.

Thanks for your comments!



omgitsalive said:

I don't think this buyers guide sucks, as it opens up an interesting discussion.

Is it viable to review 'just' the Move part/controls of the game? Well then Start the Party should get a 9/10 rating... Ooww the horror
Is it viable to review any game that works with any part of the Move setup? Well then go ahead and review Bomberman Ultra, which works with my nav controller!

Currently the choice is made to review 100% of the games that use the Move wand, The games' success, however, is not always connected to Move, but that shouldn't be a reason to leave a good game out of a buyers guide.

Or they could just add Start the Party?



din_djinn said:

Since lipnox brought it up, I'm going to agree: EyePet is a shame because it requires the EyeToy to be moved. I own the game, played it for a while, but it really became to much of a nuisance for me to continue playing, even if my daughter thinks it's charming.

And NBA 2K11 really hardly works with the Move, IMO. It's a great, 9/10, game, but only if played by a controller. If played as a Move game, it's 2/10, IMO.

I do find the reviews on this site to be the most informative I've seen on Move games, though, so please, keep it up!



omgitsalive said:

Oh wait... The list DOES suck! R.U.S.E. should be on it

Edit: instead if spamming new comments, I'll edit this one: how about introducing a double rating in every review?the game & the controls. Could make a good site even better what would be the cons? More hassle?



Slapshot said:

When writing the reviews we try to go in-depth with the different control formats be it with the Dualshock, Move or even the Top Shot Elite, by playing the games with the different control styles and then giving you (our readers) information on how the game works with and without Move. Games that offer both Dualshock and Move controls are not rated just on the controls, but are given full game reviews as well as an in-depth look at its control schemes. The Sly Collection and NBA 2K11 are worthy of the 9/10 ratings and the reviews fully explain how Move is used in the games, and both games deserve to be on our list here.

All of the reviews that you find on the site are advertised as PlayStation Move Compatible, and require the use of the PlayStation Move controller in the games.

@lipnox... I just tried out the US version of The Fight: Lights Out and the use of one Move controller doesn't work, it requires two Move controllers to play. I haven't heard anything about this patch, and honestly I think that using one Move controller to play the game defeats the purpose that the game sets out to achieve, being a realistic street brawler fighting with two fist. If this patch does indeed land on US shores we will let you know as soon as we find out.



din_djinn said:

On a positive note, I find that as far as the Move goes, I'm playing the downloadable PSN games the most, currently: Tumble, Auditorium, and Beat Sketcher. These games all use the controller well, are something different, and can be played for 10 minutes or two hours as time permits.



lipnox said:

The UK version of the fight supports dual shock and 1 move wand and even on the UK box says 2 ways to play (1 wand 1 controller or 2 wands). For what ever reason the dual shock controller option was left out of the US version. Heres a Review Mentioning the alternate Controller Option

Here is a topic I created when the game was released on gamefaqs (its long been locked) but I tried to get down to the bottom of the dual shock support and incase your wondering I am from canada, so my games are in the same region as in the States.

If im wrong and you live in the UK and own the Fight and it really does not work at all like the review and people in that topic state then id love to know. (as you can guess by the topic, its something that bothered me when it was first released)

By the way I love this website its amazing but honestly a Ps3 Buyers guide is one thing but when you call it a Move Buyers guide, I expect the games on the list to well use my new controller. someone reading this briefly might say okay NBA 2k11 will use my move wand and its a recommend buy for the move according to this website. imagine how annoyed they will be to find they spent $60 on a basket ball game and it has essentially no move support what so ever, exact same story with sly cooper. I can do way more with my move wand in kung-fu live then in 1/3rd of this MOVE buyers guide and you wont even review the thing, when comparing to sly cooper, I think every ps3 game should be considered move compatable. during the loading screens you try to find an achievement that starts with A then B etc. before the screen loads (way more fun then sly cooper move mini games) honestly.



James said:

If a game uses the Move wand, we'll review it; if it doesn't, we won't. There are plenty of games out there that use the Eye camera (Kung Fu Live, Gran Turismo, Eye of Judgement etc.) and Navigation, but if it doesn't use the Move controller - in however small a way - we won't be reviewing it. I'm sorry if that disappoints you but that's our site's raison d'etre.

If the game is a great title (Sly Cooper, NBA 2K11) we'll recommend it even if it doesn't make great use of the controllers at hand. I reviewed NBA myself so I know the Move controls are disappointing but it's one of the greatest sports games I've ever played and it would be churlish not to recommend it to anyone interested in sports.

Thanks for all your comments though!



NathanUC said:

Wow, so many comments! Thanks everyone. I think one thing to really consider is that PS Move has only been around for roughly 3 months. Even if some games may only utilize it slightly, it's a start and allows for developers and gamers alike to slowly get a feel for what it can do. I definitely agree that Kung-Fu live is a GREAT game, but I wasn't aware that it supports Move at all. Don't get me wrong, that doesn't make it any less of a game, but as many have said, it's not what the site is about.

As for NBA2k11, my main point of reason for including it was that it is an amazing game (and I never play NBA games!). While the controls might have been a big weird with the Move, it was something new and different to try. Being that it came out, trying out new styles of old games is always interesting. It's almost like replaying Heavy Rain with the move controller; you know the story, but just want to experience the game play in a new way.

I ,for one, am extremely impressed with the number of solid games since it's launch in October. Given the amount of time and quality of games releases thus far, we can only expect 2011 to be an amazing year for PS Move.



James said:

I read Kung Fu Live was rubbish and you shouldn't touch it with a ten-foot Move controller, so I for one am happy not to be covering it here.

Perhaps we should rename this guide to "Great Games That Are Move-Compatible Rather Than Great Move Games"?



MadchesterManc said:

Good to see MAG on there. Ive put bout 30 hours in with the move on that and its turned out to be my favorite Move title at the moment. MAG is vastly underrated as a move title. Cant wait for Socom and Killzone3 now tho



lipnox said:

Yeah I bought kung fu live and its honestly my favorite Motion game of all time. it doesnt work 100% but it works to a state that I can have fun and do something ive never thought possible until now.

Move games I currently own: Time Crisis Razing storm, Sports champions, Resident evil 5 gold, sly cooper if you count it. Pain, and Kung Fu Live. and ive rented all the major PS Move games.

Kung Fu Live is the comination of start the party and the fight, and honestly it combines both of those games perfectly.



Strofan7 said:

I have no issues with this list or the criteria for games, as the movemodo guys have explained all of their reasonings solidly. However, I am intrigued by the idea of giving games two ratings-overall and move controls. Any chance we see something along those lines?

Also maybe make another list of games that best utilize Move? I think that would be a nice compliment to this buyers guide.



James said:

I don't think two ratings would work - it would be confusing for readers, I believe. Our review text will always describe the controls and state whether they're good or not, far better than a score could do.

Another feature on games to show off Move sounds good to me though!



Slapshot said:

I don't think the two score rating system is a good idea, and my reasoning for that is Move is only a few months old and in it's infant stage, many developers are obviously dabbling in Move controls, and I'm sure this year we will see less dabbling and more full Move support. The two score system would then become unnecessary, and I don't think we are far away from that happening.

We have seen more positive Move support than negative, and with the Core Gamers showing so much interest in Move, the developers will be adding in Move support to keep us happy.

2011 is going to be a great year for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Move!



SilentJ said:

My bro should enjoy DDR. As for me, I'm loving RE5 with motion controls. I've never played a single Sly Cooper game so I can't wait to jump into the collection.



rjejr said:

My Move worldview so far, biased due to 4 years of Wii ownership, which made me honestly not even want Move, but my kids had to wait a year for Eyepet so we got the bundle:

1. While I don't think there is a need for a "dual score" system maybe a subscore similar to IGN. (And is it possible to put the score in the review title so I can scan the review page?)
2. Sorry, but Move "support" does not equal a Move "game". While I oppose a dual score system dual lists are appropriate.
3. Move support on the XMB sucks. (Trigger and "waggle". Sony made something that requires "waggle"? F'ing hypocrites) Make a goddam pointer already. It froze my system as it tried to start a video, game and play music at the same time.
4. Despite words to the contrary on the US PS blog, Swords & Soldiers is far superior with the Move over the Dualshock. (I logged over 70 hours on the Wii when it first released.)
5a. I disagree with suggestions here that Move games aren't all that great because the Move has only been out 3 months. The Eyetoy was out about 10 years ago and Wii motion controls for 4 so they've had plenty of time to put together and release good games.
5b. I honestly think Tumble would have been much better but the developers went out of their way to not make a Boom Blox clone so they sucked a lot of potential fun out of Tumble. Still 1 of the best Move games though.
6. I agree with dinn_djinn, PSN games are the best Move games right now. Of course $40 vs. $10 helps that argument.
7. I agree with the mostly negative assessment here of the first batch of Move games. TV Superstar dragggged. Start the Party was fun, as was it's predecessors on Eyetoy like Sega Superstars.
8. The Shoot needs better calibration instructions. Actually the PS3 needs better calibration instructions. It's a freaking lightgun game. Go throw in Links Crossbow Training, a throwaway peripheral add in, and compare that calibration to The Shoot. Go ahead, I'll wait.
9. Eyepet camera placement is a nuisance. I spent $40 on 2 new ottomans to part them for floor space. Velcro everywhere.

Overall I'ld say the Move is about what I expected - old technology trying to pass itself off as new via an HD facelift. The poor PS3 integration makes me very glad Nintendo released the Wii rather than add on Gamecube Wiimote controllers.

Keep up the good work on the site - comprehensiveness is better than exclusionary.

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