All this power will soon be yours

So you're excited about PlayStation Move and all the new features and games it's promising to bring to your black box of tricks, and you can't wait until the accessory launches in North America on September 15th. But you need information: cold, hard facts about the prices, the games, the bounty of available accessories. That's where we come in.

Your Move options

PlayStation Move kicks off on Wednesday, September 15th in North America. That's when the Move Controller will first be available to cradle in your loving hands, but how much will it cost and what will you get for your money?

PlayStation 3 Sports Champions Move Bundle ($399.99) – If you haven't got a PlayStation 3 yet – and really, why not? – this is the complete set-up you need. Containing a PlayStation 3 320GB Slim, a PlayStation Eye camera, Move Controller, Sports Champions and a demo disc, you'll be plugged in and sporting about in no time.

Move Bundle ($99.99) – The PlayStation Move Bundle is aimed at those who have a PS3 already but no PlayStation Eye camera. It contains the two most important accessories of the PlayStation Move system: a PlayStation Eye camera and a Move Controller, as well as a demo disc and the complete retail game Sports Champions.

The whole kit and caboodle at $399.99

Move Controller ($49.99) – If you already have the PlayStation Eye camera, there's no need to buy the Move Bundle to get into the game: you can purchase the Move Controller separately, but bear in mind it doesn't come with Sports Champions or the demo disc. The demo games from the Move Bundle will be available to download from the PlayStation Store for free however, so you'll still have a little something to play.

Navigation Controller ($29.99) – This sits in the opposite hand to your Move controller, offering an analogue stick and a range of buttons to help move your character in-game. It's wireless but does not include any motion-sensing features, so if you don't feel like picking one up remember you can use an existing DualShock 3 or Sixaxis controller instead.

PlayStation Eye Camera ($39.99) – The camera will still be available separately for those who want to pick it up solo.

PlayStation Move charging station ($29.99) – If you want an attractive and convenient way to charge up to two Move or Navigation controllers at once, the official charging station has you covered. You won't even need to plug the controllers into the PlayStation 3, a real bonus for gamers precious about their USB slots.

This Move Bundle will be $99.99

Further official accessories will be available in the months after launch.


Now you've got the accessory, what are you going to play with it? Here are some of the titles you can expect to play between now and New Year:

Sports Champions – What better way to show off the Move's capabilities than with a collection of sporting titles? Featuring archery, table tennis, golf, disc golf, volleyball, Bocce and a gladiatorial duel, this is likely to be one of the best initial displays of what Move can do.

Kung Fu Rider – The mob is after you. What do you do? You escape on wheelie office chairs, naturally. Previously known as Slider, Kung Fu Rider is a blend of racing, tricks and score attack: put Tony Hawk in a comfortable chair and send him down a hill and you're getting the idea. It won't appeal to everyone, but if you're after something quirky for Move this is right up your alley.

It's come a long way since Pong

Brunswick Pro Bowling – You'll never guess what this is about. Everybody loves to bowl, and everybody loves motion controls: sticking the two together in a realistic, highly accurate setting should please everybody.

Start the Party – Remember the EyeToy Play games? Weren't they great? Imagine this as the spiritual successor to those titles, only with controls that will work all the time. See, you're already in the party spirit!

R.U.S.E. – A real-time strategy title from Ubisoft, let's hope this one delivers where the disappointing Tom Clancy's Endwar failed. It doesn't have the Tom Clancy name attached to it, which scores it a few extra points already in our book. With the precision offered by the Move controller, selecting units and issuing orders should be easy, and with the amount of development time it's had this should be as polished as Kratos's head.

It looks like a glove, but it's actually an EyePet masher

EyePet: Move Edition – This title was delayed in North America to incorporate Move controls, which should improve significantly upon the not-bad-but-not-great Magic Card that was included in the European release last year. Using the Move controller to simulate various in-game objects from hairdryers to trampolines, and using the Eye Camera to project your image on screen, this will be the most realistic simulator of whatever kind of animal EyePet is supposed to be.

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition – An update to the re-released Resident Evil 5 (keep up at the back!), this will put pointer controls into Capcom's co-operative action-horror adventure, making those gory headshots even more satisfying.

That's just a sample of the games available during the launch line-up. Sony is being cagey with concrete launch dates at the moment, only stating the number of games that will be available during the three-month "launch window". Within that window you can expect to find the clothy characters of LittleBigPlanet 2, the emotional downpour of Heavy Rain: Move Edition and the quirky quizzes of Buzz: The Ultimate Music Quiz.

For all the information on what's coming out and when, be sure to check our Coming Soon list. We'll be reviewing every game for Move, whether it's a PlayStation Network puzzler or a full-blown Blu-Ray behemoth. Movemodo is all you need for PlayStation Move.