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Tue 8th Jan 2008

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James commented on EVO 2K Videos Show Off Incredible Fighting Skills:

Yeah but the game is rubbish so watch the Virtua Fighter videos instead.

This is the first year in ages I haven't watched any SSFIV footage. Now KoFXIII and VF5 are in EVO there's no need for SSFIV.



James commented on Marvel vs. Capcom Origins Bursts onto PSN This...:

@shonenjump86 Yeah I'm hoping for those too; X-Men vs. Street Fighter is ace but I just sold my copy to a friend. Marvel vs. Street Fighter I was never big on, but I really liked Marvel Super Heroes. Will be great to play it 'arcade perfect'.

If this sells well I hope they bring over X-Men: Children of the Atom too.



James commented on NiGHTS into Dreams Makes PSN Dreams Come True:

@KALofKRYPTON How so? TBH I'll be watching to see how accurate the Saturn emulation is; the machine is notoriously difficult to emulate.

This year SEGA's got Virtua Fighter 5, Jet Set Radio and NiGHTS on or coming to PSN. This makes me inordinately happy.



James commented on Review: Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown (PlayS...:

I'd agree VF4Evo is probably the best; great Quest mode and fantastic tutorials. It's the game that made me fall in love with the series, even though I'd grown up with VF2 and always wanted VF3. Think I might have to download Evo from PSN!



James commented on Review: Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown (PlayS...:

@turtlelink I really wanted to give it a 10 but it's not quite the perfect package. Still an amazing, amazing game, though.

@Wesker Combos are very important for all characters, even the heavyweights, but more important is how you size up your opponent and mislead them. So for instance, you might have a combo that your opponent can easily avoid by ducking, so you'd start the combo, they'd duck and you'd hit them with a mid attack (usually an elbow, knee etc.). That sort of psychology is what VF is really all about!



James commented on Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny:

@Runefactory I don't know if you still visit (it's two months since you commented) but wanted to respond to your comment anyway.

Sadly this time RSG wasn't able to bring Rune Factory over on Wii. Remember that RSG is part of a larger company and sometimes things just don't line up correctly or there are things out of its control.

I know I would have loved to get the Wii and PS3 versions too but it just wasn't to be, sadly.



James commented on Review: Dragon's Dogma (PlayStation 3):

@WolfRamHeart I agree, the 360 version does seem brighter than the PS3 one and suffers less from tearing. I've played it a lot on 360 and PS3 and the PS3 version is slightly inferior; some slowdown during saving mostly.

As for DLC, looks like Capcom will release bundles of add-on quests, plus there'll be the usual new weapons, customisation options and the ability to buy Rift Crystals (the currency used to hire pawns). It's a massive game so even if you don't buy the DLC I think it's a good deal on its own.



James commented on Review: Dragon's Dogma (PlayStation 3):

@rjejr So a bit of info:

1 — Personally I don't mind the lack of lock-on: as a MH vet I'm used to it. One character has homing arrows but otherwise it's all about your skill and freedom of character movement. You get used to it, promise

2 — You can turn off subtitles or mute all voices if it bothers you. You can also turn off mini-map and button guides to free up some more of that space. Up to you!



James commented on Sonic Generations:

This and Sonic Colours should both prove that 3D Sonic games can be good.



James commented on EA Promises "Game-Changing Innovations" for FI...:

@goldgin Don't get me wrong, I think FIFA has made incredible progress in the past few years compared to its efforts from 1999-2008, but promising the next game will be the "most realistic ever" is like a band saying its next album is the "best thing it's ever done" — ultimately meaningless!



James commented on Jack Tretton Against Anti-Used Games Technology:

I personally have no problem with online passes: I think they're a decent way of publishers getting money from pre-owned sales that would otherwise be lost. Like rjejr I think we'll see more online passes rather than banning used games, though I would like to see more publisher-wide passes: your PS Plus subscription should function as your Sony online pass, for instance.