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It's been complicated to play games this semester, so much that I believe I haven't played anything yet since last month, thanks to studies demanding a lot of my time. It's gonna get even harder next month, since I'm starting in a new job in August.

What brings me to my question, when do you play games? I mean, between work, university, relationships, family, friends, etc, how do you find time to do it?

It's been a hobby of mine for so long that I never thought I'd eventually not have time to do it...

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I generally play an hour or two in the evening before I go to bed, like from between 7 and 9pm till 11pm. Other that just whenever I can sometimes it might not be for a few days even depending on how much other things I have to do.

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@renankj It's a difficult balancing act. When I went to Uni, I didn't take any console or handheld with me. Thought I'd be distracted too much. All I had was Football Manager on my crappy laptop for 4 years. I gamed like crazy whenever I was back home though.

Nowadays, I get up at 4/5 am, workout for an hour and game for 60-90 mins before I have to get ready for work. After work I usually get another hour in. I also take my Vita to work with me, but it very rarely sees use there. I mostly use it when I watch TV at night.
The weekend is all me, so unless I have plans or work I can easily spend 7-10 hours gaming.

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During university, I usually play late at night as I focus on studying during the entire day if I don't have any lectures. I may however play one hour or so during the afternoon if I'm feeling tired and want a break from the studying.

Now that I have summer break however, I can play anytime I want, so I try to use my time wisely and play as many games as I can because I will barely have time to play them once my next semester starts. When that happens, it's back to JRPGs once again.

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well as i work and have a family my time is limited so normally on my days off during the day when nothing needs doing or an hour or 2 before bed (well not every night of course )

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I have a pretty full on job and 2 kids under six plus a wife and a house that is slowly being renovated. Therefore, I game when I can but like anything, I have to make the effort. I average probably an hour a day, if things are going well. Sometimes 2 and sometimes none. I have my PS4 and VR in my lounge and then retro consoles and Switch in the bedroom. I always have a portable game or two on the go for work travel or hols.

I have struggled with everything a bit these last few years and gaming has become my main escape which my wife is very supportive of. It does mean that large open world games or rpgs take ages for me but I do still have a stab. Been playing Zelda Botw since March now!

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After work and at weekends, it's my main hobby so I can always find time for it. I do other stuff of course but I don't go out partying like I did in my teens.

I think I'm past the point in life where I'll stop playing games and move on to something else, so let the good times roll!


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Every day before work at noon, and on days off. I feel there's something wrong if I don't at least get 2 hours of game time in.

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Nice topic. I have trouble with this, between my weights, martial arts, yoga and work there isn't much time for gaming. I am single and live alone, in one way it helps; in another I (have to) do everything myself. I stopped watching TV completely, nothing was ever on and it just distracted me.
My gaming downtimes happen in between everything else, I don't really have a day when I wouldn't have anything on so I can just play. I wish I did! Also, I need to play a game and finish it relatively quickly, if I don't I lose interest and never finish. Hence 90% of games I own I haven't completed. Sometimes embarissingly close to the end!

At the end of the day, I don't believe in not having time for something - it's all a matter of priorities, and yes, gaming for me is not particularly high on the list.


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@themcnoisy You need to mix the list up a bit to free up some more time, like eating while reading Pushsquare, doing chores while watching TV or having sex while shopping. Multi-tasking is the key dude!

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@Rudy_Manchego Hahahaha Sex while shopping.

(Looks at couple trying out toys in Ann Summers)

Yeah actually thats not so strange.

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When I get the opportunity, which isn't always possible at home. Which is why I value my Switch, 3DS, and Vita so much.

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@themcnoisy Oh that is far too posh. I'd be happy with a quick job behind the local spa. Aaaanyway, back to gaming..

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I can usually make time for a spot of gaming most days, but it fluctuates. Of course, if I'm reviewing something, I'll make a point of playing it as much as I can. It's hard to average out my gaming time, but I'd say I generally manage 10-15 hours a week? Something like that?

Again, depends on circumstances, especially when I factor in reviews.


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I always thought this data from PSN Profiles was interesting. It uses your Trophies to plot a graph which shows when you actually most play games. This is from my Trophy data:


So from this it's easy to infer I play most at weekends, and you can literally see when I'm at work and in bed because the amount of Trophies I'm earning during those times dips significantly.

Definitely early evening is when I play most games. I like to play around 7PM to 10PM, that's usually when I can get some play time in.


In the weekdays I go to course so get around 5-6 Hours a day playing games and in the weekends around 10. Untitled
Looking at my stats aparently I play through the whole night even though i can barely stay up to 12AM And the times im on the most has the least activity how does that even work? Also aparently i have a thing against Thursday.

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From Sunday to Friday, 21-24, when I work in my office.
Never, when I work around Italy. Like now. 4 weeks without gaming... And no chance of playing until mid august...

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Whenever I don't have to work at least 6 or 7 hours. Whenever I do have to work, it's when I'm not too tired to play and even then it's only 2 or 3 hours at most.

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