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Video game and C&W lover.

Male, 23, United States

Hello, I'm cheetahman91 (the name was inspired by the game The Cheetahmen from Action 52). I like video games (mainly Nintendo) and country music (mostly pre-1990).

Thu 24th Sep 2009

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cheetahman91 commented on Review: Battle Garegga Rev.2016 (PS4):

This game is pretty solid. It's nice that they gave the option to where the projectiles easier to see (although this never was a major issue for me). My only real complaint (and this is a complaint with Raizing shumps in general) is that while Raizing shumps are very well made games and whatnot, they do tend to blend together a bit. On the plus side, the scaling difficulty makes it a bit easier than your typical Raizing shump (unless you're super hardcore of course). They're also pretty short (although most arcade shooters from the mid to late nineties seem to have this issue). I know these types of games are meant to be mastered (like finishing them with one credit), and I'm a pansy for using credit spamming my way through them, but I do wish that the levels were a little longer.

Despite my above rant though, it's still a good game. I just feel that it's outclassed by many of Cave's games and that the 9/10 is a bit high, but I know that Battle Garegga is well regarded amongst hardcore shump fans so I can understand why it's as high as it is. Personally, I would give this a 7. I'll probably end up getting it if (or once) it comes to the west, just so we can get more games like this. And yes, I do know that I just got through complaining about Raizing shumps, but believe me most of them are worth checking out.