Topic: whats the best theme for the PS4?

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Gotta say that I'm really digging the Uncharted 4 Shipwreck theme from that free Uncharted bundle. It's probably the most cozy theme I've ever come across for my PS4 yet.

I also liked the Uncharted 2 one that came with it and it's fitting for the season, but I don't like how it's taken straight out of the game (the graphics look awful for a theme) and the camera is constantly shifting from time to time which is annoying.

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I have been using the CoD:WWII theme for about a month now. Just something about the music and all.

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I'm using the DQXI one. I like dynamic themes but sometimes there's too much going on that it makes the screen look cluttered or the icons on the screen slightly difficult to spot. I was using the UC 10th one for a couple of days but went back to using the DQXI theme.

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Still the Rez Area X Dynamic theme for me. The sound/music/visuals are just top notch and leagues better than any other I've used.

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It seems like forever that i have had a dynamic fish tank on my PS3. I never missed it on my PS4 purchased 2 years ago. I really liked the blocks and default blue flow that is simple and not distracting.

When using screen shots was added i had a different image almost every day for 2 weeks. A red 57 Chevy, baseball parks, paintings like Night Hawks, ect. I then found what i use now which is a static deserted beach scene with a couple of palm trees and just sand, water , and sky. Simple, peacefull, and not distracting.



There's a really cool Rez Infinite theme available now called "Singularity" it's one of the best ones I've seen.




@adf86 Really great find ! Finally replaced my H:ZD dynamic theme.

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The Game of Thrones Dynamic Theme is simple and clean, it's a shame it doesn't have the theme tune to go with it but it's definitely my favourite theme atm.


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I went with the PS2 theme and I will say hearing the start up jingle and then the waves brought a flood of memories to me. I got goosebumps hearing it again after all these years it was like the first time I heard it on the PS2. It's hard to say if this one or the PSONE theme are my favorite now.

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I don't own many themes but I have a strong belief that all the Persona 5 themes are great!



Has anyone noticed that using any of the dynamic themes tends to slow down the responsiveness of navigating their PS4 at all?

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@Tasuki I hear you, it's magical. I adore it (moreso than the PSone theme, mainly because I used to leave the PS2 menu on to listen to those crashing waves whilst I did my homework... ah, nostalgia).

@Th3solution Sometimes, yes. It depends on the theme and how much it's asking your console to do. One of my favourite themes is the Uncharted 4 underwater one, with the fish, but because it's doing two different moving backgrounds, multiple random 3D objects and unique music, it did slow things down considerably and I stopped using it... meanwhile, the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune waterfall U-Boat theme was okay, because it was just one moving background and some music.

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@Th3solution i have but since the update that lets you use custom backgrounds came along i haven't used a dynamic theme, i just make my own

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@Th3solution yup. Ive gone back to static backgrounds. Im currently using one of the wipeout pack in themes (Auricom is it?) and it looks class. I just wish the theme didnt include the ship, the colouring and overall design splash are excellent but the ships too big and makes it look a bit cheap.

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There's a free TLOU2 theme plus TLOU2 avatars in the JP store.

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@WanderingBullet Cheers! I like a good theme. Currently got the Yoku's Island Express rocking on my PS4.

Only recently realised that some have a unique soundtack on em. One of the Resident Evils was well spooky. Especially if it is first thing in the morning.

The Dark Souls 3 Ringed City theme is really good. Takes you through some of the environments in the main game.

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@JohnnyShoulder No problem, man. The theme is actually quite nice. Previously, I was using the Spider-man theme.

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Switched to the Firewatch dynamic theme and I absolutely love it. When I came home the other day my partner told me that she fired up the PS4 to use Netflix and spent ten minutes or so on the home screen just browsing the apps from the left to the right and back, mesmerized by the background and music.

It also works as a friendly reminder to finally play Firewatch!

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