Topic: whats the best theme for the PS4?

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My favorite by far in the dynamic theme from Firewatch, it changes depending on the time of day and is just breathtaking to look at. Plus it also has really sweet ambient sounds.


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Over Christmas, I had the Steep theme for a bit and then the Tearaway theme but I've gone back to old faithful.

20th Anniversary Theme is the only one for me.

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@themcnoisy I've tried most the free ones and and tbh I don't like any of them. I like plain and simple themes like the original and the 20th anniversary one.

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I like the new Resident Evil Biohazard theme, it's got some nice sounds too!



Personally I really like the Don't Starve themes. The music and animations are pretty nice and relaxing, if you don't mind paying a couple bucks for each.

The Paragon ruins theme is also pretty good



Persona 5's Yusuke's theme is free in both UK and US PSN Store.

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I've had the Bound theme for sometime just because I love the music, the ballet of the central character and gosh darned pretentiousness of it.

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@WanderingBullet It's amazing, love the music. Also funny thing, didn't know there was going to be another Yusuke/Yosuke in P5. Brosuke for life.



Custom theme with Horizon ZD screenshot, if that counts



Bit of a boring answer but I generally just use the PlayStation blue 'flow' theme. It's simple, not a distraction and looks good.

Did use the 20th Anniversary theme around the time it came out, as I liked that but it got a bit tiresome after a while.

I change to a few of the game themes every now and then but nothing ever really appeals to me.

Also turn off the system music and keytones even though I kind of miss a bit of ambient noise sometimes, I think I still prefer it being off.



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My favorite themes are the P5 Protagonist theme and the Garou Mark of the Wolves theme. I can't decide between them both.

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I just switched from the Black Ops 3 Zombie Chronicles theme to the KoF: Fatal Fury theme and I like that one alot.

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None because they all probably slow down the UI, I might just change mine to a big picture of a snail.

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Currently using the serial killer one free with PS+.



Gotta say that I'm really digging the Uncharted 4 Shipwreck theme from that free Uncharted bundle. It's probably the most cozy theme I've ever come across for my PS4 yet.

I also liked the Uncharted 2 one that came with it and it's fitting for the season, but I don't like how it's taken straight out of the game (the graphics look awful for a theme) and the camera is constantly shifting from time to time which is annoying.



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