Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection has washed ashore on the beaches of a new platform — one that allows us to dial the technical aspects of series' most recent instalments up to 11. But with the PS5 receiving its own remastered collection just earlier this year, is this PC port another big step, or more of the same?

We’ve spent the last week reminding ourselves of why Naughty Dog is the go-to for third-person adventures, and there is no better than Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. These PS4 classics will have you exploring the densest jungles, climbing all kinds of structures, and doing a fair bit of casual neck-snapping. Whether it's your first time or fifth, the respective campaigns are incredibly easy to lose yourself in as they dart from one exotic location to the next, while delivering some of the best character development the series has ever seen.

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Before you even need to consider technical specifications, you should know that both of these Naughty Dog entries are as sharp as ever, boasting fun and dynamic level design, alongside excellent storytelling. If anything, you’ll be annoyed that there are only two of them.

Reminding you of how good these games are isn't really why we are here, though — any PC player will know the critical acclaim that surrounds a series like this. No, this review is much more about what the PC version can offer over its console counterpart. On paper, there are a tonne of technical specifications that make their way to the PC port, with the headliners among them being ultra-wide support, variable framerate, 4K resolution, and even DualSense support. However, we're also seeing improvements to lighting and shadows, and of course, the ability to mess around with the graphical settings beyond the simple presets available on console.

Regardless of your experience with these entries, there's no denying that both games are a visual pleasure, with incredibly fine little details that help boost immersion. Everything from Nate’s stubble to the rustic textures of ageing surfaces make you feel the history of every character and setting. Exploring ancient ruins has simply never looked better.

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Partnering these stunning 4K graphics up with an HDR screen will showcase some truly impressive cinematics, adding a real pop to the colours and details. And in motion, we managed to run the game between 50-60 frames-per-second with all the graphical settings on 'Ultra'; both titles could easily be considered two of the best looking games out there.

In this regard, then, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection is an obvious recommendation, and for many newcomers, it's a borderline no-brainer. If you’ve never played the latest in the series, and you’ve got the means to ramp up those graphical settings, then this is the time to dive straight in. However, if, like many of us, you’ve already familiarised yourself with Nate and the gang on PS5, then it might not be the big improvement you're looking for.

Placing the PS5 and PC versions side-by-side will lead to a lot of pixel-peeping before you’ll notice exactly why Uncharted on PC looks better. There's no question that it is the more accomplished package, but it ain't no Marvel's Spider-Man PC port, where you can feel that graphical and performative power with every swing and dive. Uncharted is certainly a smaller upgrade in comparison, and it might even be easy to forget that you're playing a brand new version of the collection at times. It's comparable to buying your favourite movie on 4K Blu-ray — some will see the need for it, others will not.

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The lack of upgrades for old players can be seen more of a testament to the PS5 version than a detriment to the PC port, however. The PS5 version lets you to run at 4K 40fps, 1440p 60fps, or even 1080p at a variable rate. While not as detailed, it certainly ticks a lot of the boxes the PC version does, and without the worry or need for a £1000+ gaming machine.


Ultimately, the worth of Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection on PC will depend on your situation. If you’ve experienced the boosted performance and fidelity of the existing PS5 remaster, you’ll struggle to justify another purchase — but for those who have yet to experience these classic PS4 titles, this is a fantastic port, complete with all of the graphical prowess that you'd expect.