Swinging through the streets of New York at tremendous speeds has never felt so good. Marvel's pider-Man Remastered, the PlayStation exclusive first launched on PS4 in 2018 then on PS5 in 2020, is now on the cusp of adding a third platform to conquer in the form of its long-awaited PC release.

Whether you are playing for the first time, or the umpteenth, come 12th August there will be something in this PC port waiting for you. While the content remains unchanged, experienced webheads will have an assortment of settings to go through to swing to new technical heights. We broke down some of the new features in our hands-on review over on the Push Square YouTube channel.

Whether you are all about those high framerates, or love to gawk over how pretty New York looks with ray tracing dialled up, this PC remaster has a dynamic range of settings that are worth tinkering with. Coming exclusively to PC, players will now be able to swing around New York with impressive ultrawide monitor support, and become immersed with improved NVIDIA DLSS AI Performance boosters and NVIDIA DLAA AI Image Quality enhancers. If you’ve got the PC rig to support it, you can really produce the best looking version of Spider-Man to date.

Let us know if you’ll be picking up Spider-Man on PC when it launches. And remember to check out the video on the Push Square YouTube for some slick web slinging PC gameplay.