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It's the first week back in the office, but it's been an absolutely huge few days here at Push Square Towers. In addition to the PlayStation Network going down, Oculus also revealed just how expensive virtual reality's going to be by pricing its Rift, while we also got some teases regarding Mass Effect: Andromeda.



Hardware: Rivals - 5/10

Hardware: Rivals is slow and safe – it's a far-cry from the high-octane vehicle eviscerator that we'd anticipated. Its slightest of similarities to Rocket League may have hurt it, but even if Psyonix's excellent on-wheels outing didn't exist, this would still be a pretty darn tedious title. It's a shame because it's not hard to imagine a faster iteration of the exact same game being ten times more satisfying, but ultimately Hardware's only real rival is its squandered potential.

Nuclear Throne - 9/10

Nuclear Throne is one of the greatest rogue-like games that we have ever played: the gunplay is very satisfying, the characters and their creative abilities are wonderfully wacky, and the entire experience has so much variety that it becomes very addictive. If you are a fan of rogue-likes or simply want an outstanding game to play, then we suggest that you let Vlambeer's latest rule over your PlayStation lands, 'cause it's definitely ruling over ours.

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Feature: 12 PS4 Games We'd Love to See Announced in 2016

2016 is shaping up to be a major year for the PlayStation 4, and while we can't wait to get our grubby mitts on many of the system's upcoming titles, we thought that we'd take this opportunity to think about potential games that haven't been officially announced yet. As such, we've come up with a list of 12 titles that we'd love to see announced for PS4 in 2016. Some are perhaps a little unrealistic, but overall, we'd like to think that we've put together a selection that seems feasible – at least to some degree.

Feature: 20 Japanese PS4 Games to Watch in 2016

At this point in the PlayStation 3's life, many disgruntled gamers would have told you that Japan's software outlook was bleak. Sony's homeland was struggling to adapt to the new high definition era, with developers seemingly unable to get a firm grip on working with fresh hardware. It was a tough time to be a fan of Japanese games, then, and a time when some would argue that home consoles were dying a slow and painful death in the Land of the Rising Sun.

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Sony Pledges Free PlayStation Plus Extensions After PSN Outage

If you'd have asked us to evaluate the state of the PlayStation Network this time last week, we'd have told you that it's improved significantly. Seriously, the service barely went down in 2015, and it was rock solid over Christmas. But the Sony rollercoaster never runs out of corkscrews, and, just as everyone was returning to work yesterday, its servers shat the bed for almost 12 hours.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Is in a Playable Form Right Now

We'll be the first to admit that this isn't a huge slice of news - especially when it originates from a series of BioWare employee tweets - but it would appear that Mass Effect: Andromeda is now playable, at least to some degree. In other words, the game's development cycle is supposedly going smoothly.

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Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning Is a Louis Vuitton Fashion Model Now

That noise that you can hear is the sound of a thousand Push Square readers collectively grinding their teeth. Lightning, the protagonist of Square Enix's divisive Final Fantasy XIII story arc, has "agreed" – that's what the press release says – to become the face of the latest Louis Vuitton fashion line. Better than being a fal'Cie, right? Oh, just run with the gag – no one actually knows what a fal'Cie is anyway!